Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries

Updating Your Study Manuals

Amendments and updates of the LE study manuals are made periodically or when deemed necessary to reflect changes in applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes and market practices in Hong Kong.  Once an update is released, an announcement will be made on the HKSI Institute website.  The latest version or edition of the relevant eStudy Manuals will be available for candidates who are affected, to download via the HKSI Institute Online Portal.  A list of major updates made to the last version will also be placed at the end of the eStudy Manuals for candidates’ reference (not applicable to updates for changes in edition, e.g. from the first-edition to second-edition). 

The eStudy manuals are available purchase online in the table below for relevant version of the relevant LE study manual. The hardcopy version of the latest LE study manuals will be made available for sale at the HKSI Institute office.  Major updates will also be included in the same way as the eStudy manuals.

However, candidates should be aware that the latest regulatory and market information may not be immediately incorporated in the LE study manuals due to the rapid changes in the securities and futures industry.  Candidates are therefore reminded to keep abreast of any updates or amendments of the relevant laws, regulations and requirements by making reference to such updates or amendments published by the relevant authorities from time to time.

For the purpose of the examination, however, unless updates on the relevant part of the LE study manuals are provided by the HKSI Institute, questions will only be based on materials in the LE study manuals that are still current.

The table below shows the latest version number of the LE study manuals released:

Study Manuals Published in Version No. eStudy Manual
Paper 1: Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation March 2023 3.4 Buy It Now
Paper 2: Regulation of Securities September 2023 2.8 Buy It Now
Paper 3: Regulation of Derivatives September 2020 2.7 Buy It Now
Paper 4: Regulation of Credit Rating Services April 2019 2.1 Buy It Now
Paper 5: Regulation of Corporate Finance  September 2022 3.3 Buy It Now
Paper 6: Regulation of Asset Management  July 2022 2.6 Buy It Now
Paper 17: Regulation of Takeovers and Share Buy-backs November 2021 1.0 Buy It Now