Certification & Qualification Programme

Prepare for a career in the financial services industry

We offer the following certification and qualification programmes. These are accredited by local regulators and recognised by international professional bodies within the financial services industry.

Asset Management Fundamentals (AMF)

This training series is dedicated to those who plan to enter into the asset management field. The 50-hour training is designed to help people who do not have any knowledge and experience regarding asset management.  Upon successful completion of all FOUR modules, you will be awarded the Certificate of Completion for this programme.

You can choose to enrol in the particular module(s) that you are interested in.   Participants are required to attend and complete all classes specified by each module.  Attendance record will be issued based on your actual attendance record. 

(*) Shared modules with another programme called "Back Office Fundamentals for Wealth & Asset Management".

Certified Private Wealth Professional (CPWP) Module 1

Programme Details

Paper 1 and 2 eLearning are now open for enrolment. Please refer to the links below for details.

 * Provided by PWMA as the unique study support of this topic. 

Certified Trust Practitioner™ Accreditation Programme - Trust Training Certificate (TTC)



TTC is a core component of achieving the Hong Kong Trustees' Association ("HKTA") Certified Trust Practitioner™ (CTP) designation.  The training course is structured in 2 parts (Part A and Part B).  The entire course consists of 14 units and 42 hours in-class time.  Participants are required to attend the classes. 

Collectively all mandatory units completed from Part A and either Stream 1 or 2 of Part B form the full course (14 units in total).  Participants who successfully attend and complete the full course and pass the examination for both parts will be awarded "Trust Training Certificate".  

  Part A Part B
Training 7 compulsory units

7 compulsory units under either Stream 1 or 2

Two streams:

  • Stream 1: Private Trusts
  • Stream 2: Collective Investment Schemes / Retirement Schemes
Examination To be held about 4 weeks after the training courses To be held about 4 weeks after the training courses


For details, please refer to the HKTA website.


Below is the overview of the Trust Training Certificate ("TTC") Part A (9th cohort).  The training session will be run in eCourse format.

  • For participants who wish to pursue TTC Part A Examination, they need to enrol and attend all seven (7) units. The total course fee for all seven (7) units is HKD10,400. (which is 20% off the original price HKD13,000)
  • Upon completion of the training session, separate enrolment fee of HKD2,000 is required for taking Part A Examination.  Please note that you need to attend the Examination in person at the HKSI Institute.  All the examination candidates will be invited to join a 3-hour Revision Session in Webinar format.  The attendance of the Revision Session is optional.
  • For participants who would like to apply for Experienced Practitioner Exemption ("EPE"), please contact HKTA to confirm your status before enrolling into Unit 6.
  • Corporate group enrolments can enjoy discounts if undertaking all seven(7) units of Part A (with/without examination):

    3-5 staff

    5% off

    >5 staff

    10% off

    *Please call 3120 6100 or email [email protected] for group discount offers.

  • For participants who would like to gain a solid understanding of the subject matters, he / she could choose to attend any unit(s) they are interested.

For the unit names and course details, please refer to the table below.

Enrolment will start on Thursday, 1 September 2022.  For those who wish to register, your enrolment deadline is Wednesday, 19 October 2022 (11:59 PM) and please note that:

  • Participants who wish to register into Unit 1 to 7 webinar training sessions, Revision Session and the Examination, please click the link in 1st row “TTC Part A Training and Examination Package
  • Participants who wish to register into the training sessions only, please click the 2nd row “TTC Part A Training Package”.
  • For participants who wish to enrol into the selected units, click the unit name and then choose "Apply Online" and "Select more".  The system will consolidate the units chosen and payment will be made on the total course fee.


Unit name



1-7, Revision Session & Examination

TTC Part A Training & Examination Package

For the details of each unit, please refer to its respective course page.

Please refer to the dates listed below


TTC Part A Training Package

For the details of each unit, please refer to its respective course page.

Please refer to the dates listed below


Introduction to Trusts

M1: Overview of Trusts

M2: Trustees' duties

M3: Liability, Variation and Termination

Accessible Period:

From 1 September 2022 to 19 November 2022 (11:59PM)


Types of Trusts and When Appropriate

M4: Types of Trust and their uses

M5: Retention of control


Administration and Management of Trusts

M6: Administering Trusts


Other Estate Planning Vehicles

M7: Other Estate planning / Succession vehicles

M8: Trust protection issues


Trusts compared with Other Estate Planning Vehicles

M9: Trusts compared with other Estate planning vehicles


Trusts and Compliance

M10: Compliance, AML, Legislative rules and how they apply to trusts


Trusts Jurisdiction Comparison

M11: International comparison on Trusts


Revision session

Optional for candidates who have registered into the examination.

26 October 2022

18:30 - 21:30


Part A Examination

Paper-based examination.

19 November 2022

09:15 - 10:45