Sustainability Excellence for Talent Certification Programme (SET)

Programme Overview

This programme offers comprehensive knowledge on Sustainability Disclosures, Climate Risks, and Net Zero, through 9 modules tailored for learners in various industries.  It aims to cultivate a community of professional ESG practitioners within the financial services and corporate sectors.

Who Should Enrol?
This programme is ideal for:
 - ESG practitioners
 - Sustainability leaders
 - Business advocates
 - Aspiring ESG professionals

who are looking to gain comprehensive ESG knowledge, promote sustainable practices, and integrate climate and net zero considerations into their business operations.

Flexible Learning Path
Learners can select modules from any topic area based on their interests and desired skill development. 

Certification Path
Alternatively, learners can obtain a certificate for this programme by:
1) Completing a total of 9 modules (10 hours), including
    - 4 modules (4 hours) under Sustainability Disclosures
    - 2 modules (2.5 hours) under Climate Risks
    - 3 modules (3.5 hours) under Net Zero*   
    * Learners can choose either the Financial Services or Corporates pathway for 2 modules under Net Zero 

2) Passing the examination covering all 9 modules

    For more details, click the Examination tab below. 

The 9 modules, available as webinars, eSeminars, or eCourses, will be launched from July 2024. The programme covers key sustainability topics such as sustainability reporting frameworks, ESG ratings, climate risks, and GHG emissions, with a focus on the local context in Mainland China and Hong Kong. It includes real-life examples and case studies from various industries to meet diverse learner needs. Modules are structured progressively by complexity, allowing flexible learning paths.


* Learners can choose for either Financial Services or Corporate path

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