Case Competition 2024

The Case Competition, which was initially introduced as the Scholarship Programme in 2004, underwent a rebranding in 2022. Since then, it has successfully paved the way for over 500 university students to develop their careers in the financial industry. The Case Competition 2024 is open to full-time undergraduates from 19 eligible higher education institutions (HEIs) in Hong Kong, as well as selected universities in the Greater Bay Area.


Relive the Excitement of 2023 Award Presentation Ceremony!


Check out the 2023 Video Highlights to relive the award presentation ceremony and hear from our 2023 sponsors and student winners. 

Check out the video showcasing the winners, sponsors and judges of this ESG-themed talent development initiative. 

Programme Overview


List of Sponsors

List of Winners

List of Semi-finalists by alphabetical order of Project Sponsors:

Project Sponsors Students
Avenue Family Office Limited

Team: Forest

Mr WONG Ki Fai (HKU)

Mr WONG Tsz Lung (HKU)

Mr YAM Pok Cheung (HKU)


Team: Future Picasso

Miss KONG Wai Ki (HKU)

Miss SZE Wing Sum (HKU)

The Bank of East Asia, Limited

Team: ACBD

Miss CUI Qi (PolyU)

Miss DING Beirui (PolyU)

BEA Union Investment Management Limited

Team: Anyang

Mr JEONG Soyun (HKU)

Mr LEE Seung Hyun (HKU)


Team: Matthew and His Friends

Ms LIU Yunjie (HKU)

Mr SO Ho Cheung (HKU)

Mr WONG Yuk Chun (HKU)


Team: PAL 2024

Mr AU Fai Liong (HKUST)

Mr LI Wan Kin Syrus (HKUST)

Mr PENG Zhijian(HKUST)

Ernst & Young

Team: Team BU

Mr AZURO Telesforo Jude III Mapus (HKBU)



Haitong International Securities Group Limited

Team: Hustlers

Mr CHAN Wing Wang (CUHK)

Mr NG Sheung Chun (CUHK)

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Team: Gleam

Miss CHEN Man Chin (HKU)

Miss LI Jieni (HKU)

Mr NGAI Pui Chun (HKU)

HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited

Team: Athena

Mr CHO Hye Sung (HKUST)

Mr MOK Darren (HKUST)

Miss NGAI Karen Hei (HKUST)


Team: J. P. Lauren

Miss HO Lauren (CUHK)

Miss KWOK Jasmine Wing Tung (CUHK)

Miss XU Wai Yan Phoenix (CUHK)

Mercer FundWatchTM

Team: The Pioneers


Mr HO Cheuk Kiu (HKUST)

Mr HO Cheuk Yin (HKUST)

Micro Connect

Team: Eco Echo

Mr HUI Matthew (HKU)

Miss ZHOU Tsz Wun (HKU)

OKG Technology Holdings Limited

Team: Big Three

Mr CHENG Yu Fung Andrew (CUHK)

Mr LAM Ming Kai (HKU)



Team: Landing Consulting

Mr XU Ka Po (HKU)

Miss XU Meiyi (HKU)

Prism Advisory Limited

Team: Handa

Miss BIBI Hajirah (HKU)

Miss CHIU Sin Kiu (HKU)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited

Team: Tank Solutions

Mr KIM Seungwoo (HKU)

Mr TAN Alastair Ji Chen (HKU)

Roma (meta) Group Limited

Team: Synergy Strategies

Miss CHEUNG Lok Ching (HKU)

Mr FAN Ka Kiu (HKU)

Miss LO Nikkia (HKU)


SF REIT Asset Management Limited


Team: The Gray Rhino

Miss CHIM Ching Hei (HKU)

Miss TSAI Ching Man (HKU)

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch

Team: Trees

Miss RUAN Ying Jing (SZU)

Miss SIU Uen Tung (HKU)

Miss ZHENG Qiao Xin (SZU)




  1. Full-time undergraduates from 19 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Hong Kong or selected universities in Greater Bay Area AND
  2. Holders of HKSI Institute Student Membership

19 Participating Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong




Caritas Institute of Higher Education


Chu Hai College of Higher Education


City University of Hong Kong


Gratia Christian College


HKCT Institute of Higher Education


Hong Kong Baptist University


Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education


Hong Kong Shue Yan University 


Lingnan University


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Education University of Hong Kong


The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


The University of Hong Kong


Tung Wah College


UOW College Hong Kong


4 Selected Universities in Greater Bay Area

1 The Macao Polytechnic University
2 The Macau University of Science and Technology
3 Shenzhen University
4 The University of Macau




How to Apply?

Application Period:  Monday, 9 October 2023 to Friday, 20 October 2023 (Completed)

Quota: 100 Teams from eligible local and GBA Higher Education Institutions

(Due to the limited quota for students, a lucky draw will be arranged in response to the overwhelming response. Priority will be given to active student members of the HKSI Institute, and we highly recommend that you form your team with our existing student members.)


For non-student members, please click HERE to apply online from now until 20 October 2023.

Please be reminded to upload the supporting documents that display your full name, demonstrate your "full-time undergraduates" status, and include your expected graduation year and month, including but not limited to:

  • Admission letter OR
  • Endorsement letter from university OR
  • Student card OR
  • Screen capture of your school portal OR
  • Latest transcript within 1 month OR
  • Latest tuition receipt

The student membership is complimentary for brand new student participants who applied for our student membership and subject to HKSI Institute's approval. Please select “Programme (Case Competition) “under “Source of information” to enjoy this special offer. The membership will be effective no earlier than November 2023. If you apply for the student membership after 15 September 2023, you are not required to provide a membership number in the Case Competition Application Form.

Tips for students of below Higher Education Institutions for membership application: 
1. CUHK students: please upload both your latest transcript and student card
2. HKUST students: please upload both your student card and latest tuition fee receipt / latest transcript
3. Lingnan University students: please upload both your admission letter and student card

Important Dates

Highlights of Case Competition 2023
List of Sponsors


List of winners are as follows:


Team: ESGers

Miss CHEUNG Wai Yin (HKU)

Miss LEE Hiu Yee (HKU)

Miss TAM Ka Ki Karen (HSUHK)

 1st Runner-up:


Mr XU Mingyuan​ ​​​(HKU)​

Team: Value Investing

Mr KAN Cheuk Hin​​ (CUHK)

Miss WONG Wai Sze​ (CUHK)

Miss YIM Man Kei​ (CUHK)

2nd Runner-up: 


 2 Teams

Team: Polaris 

Miss CHAN Ka Lo Carol ​(HKU)​

Mr CHOW Tsz Ho​ (HKU) 

Miss NG Yi Pui Eunice ​(HKU) 

Team of Sand Sculptures

Miss HOU Jiayi​ (HKU)

Mr LUI Man Hin​ (HKUST)

Mr LUI Yu On​​​​ (HKU)

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  2. Details of the Case Competition 2024 are available in English only.