Young Professionals Club

The Young Professionals Club (YPC) was formed in 2016. All members aged 40 or below are within the YPC and no separate registration is required. YPC members will receive programme invitation via email.

Young members will learn how to develop their careers, expand professional networks and sharpen leadership skills through its activities. It is also a platform for them to develop peer support, exchange ideas, share common interests and organise activities such as workshops, visits and drinks events.

The YPC Council is responsible for developing and organising activities for YPC members and reaching out to young professionals and students.


Councillors 2024

 (In alphabetical order according to surname)

Mr Ronald CHAN

Miss Clarisse MA

Mr Matthew CHU

Mr Dickson MAN

Mr Rico FUNG

Miss Queenie NG

Mr Yatin GUPTA

Mr Kevin PANG

Mr Jason KWONG

Mr Ethan WANG

Miss Endora LAM

Mr Jack WONG

Mr Kenneth LEUNG

Miss Ruth KUNG (ex-officio)

Mr Warren LI

Mr Robert LUI (ex-officio)

Ms Janice LIN

Mr Colin SHAFTESLEY (ex-officio) 
 Mr Shawn LIU