Getting To Know Our Senior Fellow, Mr Oliver Goh

Published on 4 November 2020

Mr Oliver Goh was honoured as HKSI Institute Senior Fellow in October 2020 for his contributions to our professional community. Mr Goh is the Head of Client Service for Securities Services, Citibank Hong Kong, and he has a wealth of experience in the securities services business, having held a variety of positions in Asia Pacific and New York.

Q: What is the thing that you are most passionate about at work? 

A: I’m most passionate in making sure clients are given the best service which my organisation can provide. This is why I’ve landed in the client-facing role for many years in the financial industry. 

Service is one of the most important components in making sure a business will continue to grow with their clients. Getting clients to give constant feedback is critical to a successful excellent service platform. Providing training to staff members on how to delight clients is important and keeping them aware of client’s feedback will help them improve their services and performances as well. Not all personalities are suitable to be in the client service business. Clients wanted to be treated well as how you would want to be treated when being served, which is the golden rule in any business especially in the finance world.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Having clients happy with the service provided and getting positive feedback will always be a good strong motivator. This reflect that you’re doing the right thing and at times getting constructive criticism will also be an excellent foundation for further improvement in the service provided.

Q: What is your advice to young practitioners or students who are keen in joining the financial services industries?

A: Anyone who is interested in joining the financial services industry must understand the many components in the financial world. From market analysis, fund raising to merger and acquisition, each component constitute to the bigger picture of the financial world. 

Monetary success should not be the most important goal in the career decision but to have the passion in contributing and bringing value to the financial world. If monetary success is the driver, potential issues such as conflict of interest, fraud, and money laundering could emerge. Key characteristics for a successful person in the financial world are people with integrity, innovative ideas, intellectual curiosity, and most importantly the passion to contribute to build the financial community. I would encourage young practitioners to join the HKSI Institute to broaden their network and enrich their professional development.

Q: Tell us what excites you at the HKSI Institute?

A: The HKSI Institute is a great place for financial industry professionals coming together to learn and contribute. It has grown from providing examinations to become an oasis of knowledge for young and seasoned professionals in learning new and improved skills.

Members of the HKSI Institute are always eager to extend their hospitality and support to young graduates to pursue banking or financial services careers, such as through career development seminars and mentorship programme. In addition, the HKSI Institute do their best in bringing in seasoned professionals at the C suites levels to provide guidance and support to the professional community. Strong support from semi quasi government organisations, financial institutions, and government gives HKSI Institute the ammunition to expand it wings to larger and bigger role as a professional non-profit institution. In my opinion, the HKSI Institute never sleeps nor stop doing their best to provide professional education to equip our future financial leaders.

Q: How do you see HKSI Institute contributing to Hong Kong’s role as a leading international financial centre?

A: HKSI Institute plays a key role in positioning Hong Kong as a leading international financial centre. Since its establishment, the Institute has grown its individual and corporate membership and expanded its reach beyond borders. Strong support from the government and financial institutions, as well as partnership with industry stakeholders have helped the HKSI Institute continue to grow from strength to strength.  Most importantly, the leaders and board members have the strategic foresight in driving the Institute’s missions. HKSI Institute’s strong points include:

  • Creating a podium for knowledge and training for young and seasoned financial professionals
  • Bringing new and forward-looking initiatives such as Fintech-related activities to practitioners
  • Inviting international acclaimed and seasoned professionals to speak at seminars and conferences
  • Organising cross-border activities for members and practitioners to exchange ideas and explore best practices
  • Recognising professionals who contributed in building and expanding Hong Kong as the leading financial centre globally
  • Providing mentoring programme for young talent for the industry