Corporate Membership Structure

The HKSI Institute Corporate Membership is designed for financial institutions, professional firms and other corporations. Corporate Members are entitled to nominate 1 to 6 Corporate Nominees, depending on the membership categories they belong to, to represent their firms in the community. Each category of Corporate Membership has a designated number of entities and licenses that may benefit from the relevant Corporate Membership.

Members of the HKSI Institute agree to oblige by the Membership Rules and Code of Ethics and uphold the professional standard of the investment and securities industry.

 Category  No. of Nominees No. of Entity  or  No. of SFC License Annual Fee (HK$)
A*  >5    >15  53,000
3-5    7-15  32,000
  3-6  16,000
C 1 1   0-2 8,300
S Special tailored package for corporations


For detailed requirements, please refer to the Membership Rules.