Code of Ethics

Members must at all times:

  1. maintain high standards of professional competence and
  2. carry out their work with due and reasonable skill and care and in accordance with the current best industry practice and the highest ethical, professional and technical standards expected of them as members of the Institute.
  3. ensure that they are, and remain, competent to carry out the duties that their profession requires.
  4. encourage the training of all practitioners who are under their authority and in particular new practitioners, give proper supervision and guidance to them.
  5. obey all applicable laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, all rules and regulations enforced by the competent authorities, and adhere to all codes of conduct to which they are subject, and follow the spirit as well as the letter of all relevant laws and codes.
  6. not engage in any behaviour that might, in the opinion of the Institute, have a negative impact on their reputation as members and/or the reputation of the Institute and/or any of its other members.