Corporate Finance

Complying with the Hong Kong Takeovers Code


To enhance the competence requirements of individuals advising on the Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Buy-backs (the Codes) related matters, a new SFC licensing requirement came into effect from 1 January 2022.

This eCourse aims to provide an overview of the key requirements of the Takeovers Code, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of financial advisers, the offerors and offerees on how to comply with the Codes in any takeover offer. It provides foundation knowledge to individuals who would involve in a takeover assignment. It is also a good refresher for those working in TC Advisers. With the Codes and LE Paper 17 study manual as the sources of this eCourse, this course also helps the LE Paper 17 examination candidates to better understand the study manual.

This eCourse is also available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

If you're a LE Paper 17 examination candidate and would also like to enrol in this eCourse at a special price, you will recieve eCredit a week after enrolment of the exmaination.  For enquiries, please contact us via email ([email protected]).   


By the end of the eCourse, you will:
- Have a good understanding of the requirements in carrying out a takeover transaction, including the applicable regulatory codes and rules, and licensing and registration requirements of TC Advisers
- Know the roles and responsibilities, and obligations of each party, especially financial advisers, in takeovers.


Module 1 - Get Ready for a Takeover Transaction
i) Overview of the Codes
ii) Roles and Obligations of TC Advisers

Module 2 – Kickstarting the Offer Phase
i) Preparing for the Announcement and Commencement of the Offer Period
ii) Performing During the Offer Period

Module 3 – The Dos and Don’ts Following the End of an Offer Period
i) Closing Date and Following the End of the Offer Period
ii) Dealing Disclosures and Restrictions Following the End of the Offer Period

Final Assessment (15 questions with 80% as the passing marks)

Who should attend

1) Those who have no or limited knowledge but would like to be involved in a Takeover transaction
2) Existing practitioners who would like to refresh their knowledge on the requirements and procedures of Takeover offers, including but not limited to, directors of offeree and offeror companies, advisers and their compliance team, and other concert parties
3) LE Paper 17 examination candidates
4) Anyone who is interested in knowing the topic


Relevant Subject
Type 6 - Advising on corporate finance - TC Adviser
Regulatory Compliance
SFC:3.00, PWMA:3.00
All Member: HK$900
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$900
Non-Member: HK$1800
Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (HKCSA): HK$1260