[Webinar] Deep Dive into Advanced Blockchain Applications


Blockchain technology is increasingly being adopted by financial institutions, MNCs and governments in various sectors. The speaker will run through real life blockchain-powered applications that were implemented over the past few years, and foreshadows the challenges and opportunities available for financial professionals.


This course aims to illustrate the broad and varied applications of blockchain across industries, explore the adoption of blockchain on a national scale, and introduce the concept of decentralised financial applications.


Part 1: Quick Recap of Blockchain Technology
- DNA of Blockchain
- When is Blockchain Useful?

Part 2: Case Studies across Sectors
- Share Trading
- Trade Finance
- Transportation
- Identity Management
- Real Estate

Part 3: National Investment in Blockchain Technology
- How European, US and Asian (especially Chinese) governments are adopting the technology
- Digital National Currencies

Part 4: Introduction to Decentralised Financial Applications (DeFi Apps)
- Characteristics of DeFi Apps
- Examples of DeFi Apps
- Challenges and opportunities

Who should attend

Senior management, licensed holders, IT staff and financial professionals with basic knowledge of blockchain.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Adrian LAI
Adrian is the CEO of a technology platform that enables digitization of illiquid assets such as private companies, funds, real estate and other assets using blockchain technology. He is also the Managing Partner of a cryptocurrency investment and blockchain advisory firm of which he is responsible for the overall investment strategies, with major focus on equity investment in blockchain infrastructure companies. Adrian has diversified experiences in sales, marketing, fintech and corporate governance.

In addition, Adrian is a columnist at SCMP on digital securities. He has been a commentator for Wall Street Journal, CNN and Bloomberg Businessweek on the digital asset landscape.


Date & Time
Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020 (12:30PM - 2:30PM)
Virtual Platform
SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00