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Understanding Green Finance Development in Hong Kong

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Since 2016, green finance has been receiving growing emphasis in the policy agenda of the Hong Kong government and is covered frequently in the media. HKQAA is responding to growing awareness among institutional investors about the sustainable finance opportunity to their investments, and to promote the green finance development on behalf of Hong Kong government. We will hold a series of workshops for financial professionals, to provide an overview of the evolution of green finance in region, an articulation of government policy around the issue, and an outline of the various financial resources and assurance program involved in addressing green finance.


This course is designed to give participants a holistic view of the latest development of green finance. The topics cover a wide range of hottest issues in this field from basic understanding of the trends in international and domestic markets, the impact of the recent policies on green financial in HK and China, and different risk management assessment tools on green finance.


1. Discuss the latest development of green finance
2. Evaluate sustainability opportunity and risks in the market
3. Apply basic skill set in green finance assurance for Green Finance Certification

Who should attend

All financial professionals

Speaker/Course Instructor

Kwok To TING
Mr. Ting has over 20 years of experience in management system implementation, auditing and training. He first joined Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency in 1995 as an auditor and he is now the Assistant Director of HKQAA. Prior to his engagement with the agency, he had industrial experience in various sectors including electronics manufacturing, laboratory testing, inspection and energy management as an engineer, quality manager and head of business and operation.

Mr. Ting holds a master degree in Quality Management and he is a Chartered Quality Professional in UK. He dedicates himself to advocate organizational performance improvement through implementation of management systems. Recently, he is actively involved in green finance which helps organisations to raise fund for green projects, build green image and reach out to green investors. He introduced HKQAA Green Finance Certification scheme to major banks in Hong Kong as well as various green and financial associations.

In addition, he is a qualified Green Finance Assessor. He has performed assessments for certification of green bonds and green loan issued by financial institutions and private company.


Date & Time
Friday, 11 Oct 2019 (12:00PM - 2:00PM)
HKSI Institute Training Centre
New, Lunch & Learn, Full
SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00