eSeminar - Non CPT Bearing

The Outlook for Asset Prices and the Business Cycle


The global business cycle, or the US business cycle, is by far the most important determinant of the performance of asset prices such as equities or real estate. The year 2018 has also been notable for the failure of these asset prices to continue the steady gains they made in the years 2009 - 2017. What has changed, and can we expect the normal relationship between the business cycle and asset prices to be restored in 2019?
‧ The normalisation of interest rates, central bank balance sheet shrinkage and their impact
‧ Mr Trump’s trade war and its impact on stock market performance
‧ Why have Japan, the Euro-area and the UK lost momentum?
‧ Can China overcome the triple whammy from deleveraging, trade war and currency weakness?


On completing this eSeminar, you will be able to explain if the US Business Cycle Expansion will continue through 2019 – 2020 and the impact to asset prices.


1. Are US balance sheets over–leveraged?
2. Is there a serious threat of inflation?
3. With QE reversal, will the Fed tighten too much?
4. Do yield curve inversions imply recessions?
5. Trade wars – Will US tariffs cause a recession?

Who should attend

This eSeminar is targeted to practitioners in the Financial Services industry who would like to understand more about the US Business Cycle and the impact on the Global Business cycle.


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