Wealth Management

HFOP Module 6 - Portfolio Management


This is Module 6 of the Henley Family Office Program (HFOP). We change our focus from the context of a family office structure to the day-to-day operations of the family office.

This module has three lectures. The first one takes us through the aims and practical aspects of Portfolio Management. It includes an introduction to bonds and equities. It also introduces the private-wealth focused asset classes of real estate, hard assets, structured products and more. Family-oriented asset allocation and benchmarking will also be discussed.

The second lecture focuses on digital assets, what they are, how they might fit into a family's portfolio, and what the family office needs to know to manage them.

The third lecture is on the Endowment Approach, which is an effective approach for maintaining family wealth for generations to come.

This module is a 6-hour (approx. study time) course and is eligible for 3.5 SFC CPT/PWMA OPT hours.

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By the end of this module, you will be able to:
- Describe different asset classes and methods of portfolio managements
- Define and measure risk and return in portfolio management
- Describe what digital assets are
- List the factors to consider whether to hold digital assets
- State the matters to know about managing digital assets
- Explain endowment approach and its effectiveness in maintaining family wealth


Part 1 - Pre-reading materials
(i) What is Portfolio Management
(ii) What It Costs To Live Like The Richest People In The World
(iii) Real Estate Model Worksheet
(iv) How Crypto Fits Into Goals-Based Financial Planning
(v) The Enduring Relevance of Endowment-Style Investing
(vi) The Endowment Model in 2021

Part 2 - Presentation Slides of the eCourses

Part 3a - Portfolio Management*
(i) Introduction
(ii) Section 1: Setup and Objectives of Professional Portfolio Managers
(iii) Section 2: Asset Classes: The Building Blocks of Portfolio Management
(iv) Section 3: Measuring Risks and Returns
(v) Section 4: Benchmarking & Allocating "Modern" Portfolios
(vi) Conclusion

Part 3b - Digital Assets*
(i) Introduction
(ii) Section 1: The "What" of Digital Assets
(iii) Section 2: The "Why" of Digital Assets
(iv) Section 3: The "How" of Digital Assets
(v) Section 4: Concluding Remarks

Part 3c - Endowment Approach

Part 4 - Quiz*
The quiz consists of 15 questions where learners have 3 attempts to achieve at least 80% with correct answers as a pass.

Part 5 - Post-reading materials
(i) The largest ETFs listed in the US
(ii) Bond Calculator Spreadsheet
(iii) The Anatomy of Smart Beta
(iv) Spears' World of Wealth podcast series, episode 3 - Fund Manager Pierre Lagrange: a diverse portfolio
(v) Getting Back to Business: Why Modern Portfolio Theory Fails Investors and How You Can Bring Common Sense to Your Portfolio
(vi) Active Portfolio Management: A Quantitative Approach for Producing Superior Returns and Controlling Risk
(vii) Invest Outside the Box - Understanding Different Asset Classes and Strategies
(viii) The rise of the crypto-asset: Practical advice for trustees
(ix) Crypto-assets – Their Future and Regulation
(x) PWC Annual Global Crypto Tax Report 2022
(xi) Guide to Tokenization
(xii) AIMA Industry Guide to Digital Asset Custody
(xiii) David Swensen Is Great for Yale. Is He Horrible for Investing?
(xiv) Pioneering Portfolio Management: An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment

* mandatory parts to complete

Who should attend

(1) Professionals who are keen to succeed in the world of family office management
(2) Individuals who want to set up their own family office
(3) Practitioners who wish to take their career to the next level or looking for a role in the industry


Relevant Subject
Type 9 - Asset management
SFC:3.50, PWMA:3.50
All Member: HK$775
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$775
Non-Member: HK$1550
Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (HKCSA): HK$1085