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[Webinar] A New (Crypto-Enabled) Financial System - Intermediate

New Seminar


The financial infrastructure surrounding cryptocurrencies is in the process of being built. A tremendous amount of technical expertise and creativity has gone into building what has existed so far. In this seminar, the speaker will explain the current development of the industry and its future accomplishment. Understanding this helps people to manage their expectations of what is currently possible and what is yet to come.


By the end of this webinar, participants would know:

- Current accomplishment in this industry and its future growth;
- Current industry limitations and expected time to improve; and
- Engagement of people into the industry through professional collaborations, investing or simply pursuing more knowledge through reading and joining task groups.


- The possible vision for the future
- Current industry limitations and obstacles
- Expected timeline for improvements
- An understanding of where the industry is and where it is going
- How to get involved

Who should attend

The webinar is primarily targeted at asset managers, compliance officers, senior management such as responsible officers, managers-in-charge, directors, academics and financial institutions, licensees, family offices and investors who would like to have a better understanding of crypto assets and related issues.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Mr Wilson Cheung is a Director of Deloitte China specializing on regulatory compliance in financial industry in Hong Kong. He has over 17 years of experiences in financial services sector, including both commercial and professional services fields. He also helped to build and lead the digital asset team in Hong Kong serving numerous crypto exchanges and crypto custodians clients.
Chief Strategy Officer of Amber Group, Dimitrios is responsible for formulating and driving the Group’s global strategy with particular emphasis on institutional client business, licensing footprint, and regulatory engagement as well as geographical expansion. Dimitrios was the founder and CEO of Nomisma, a regulated digital asset derivatives protocol, the CIO of Harmony Advisors, an SFC regulated asset management multi-family business, after a 2-year stint in commodity trading, having also served as PMD, co-head of Asia Pacific Securities Division Distribution at Goldman Sachs.


Date & Time
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2022 (12:20PM - 1:20PM)
Virtual Platform
Relevant Subject
Type 1 - Dealing in securities
Type 2 - Dealing in futures contracts
Type 3 - Leveraged foreign exchange trading
Type 4 - Advising on securities
Type 5 - Advising on futures contracts
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