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[Webinar] The Latest Development of Regulatory Technology

New Seminar


Technology has long been used to assist financial institutions in complying with regulatory requirements, and undoubtedly regulatory technology (“RegTech”) is the latest trend. The local regulators in Hong Kong have their own agenda on RegTech, requesting the regulated institutions to use innovative and new ways of leveraging technologies to fulfill the regulatory expectation. However, there are many ensuing matters that financial institutions need to consider before and after the use of RegTech.


By the end of this seminar, participants will know the overall development of RegTech, including the relationship between licensed corporations and RegTech, the cost and benefits of the usage, and challenges they may face.


1. RegTech development
2. Preparations for the implementation of RegTech and consideration points
3. Successful application examples in the industry
4. Future development trends of RegTech

Who should attend

Senior management, Responsible officers, Managers-in-charge, Internal auditors and Compliance professionals from Licensed Corporations and Registered Institutions

Speaker/Course Instructor

Samuel LUNG
Mr Lung is currently a Partner in Financial Services Risk Management with one of the Big 4 accounting firm. Prior to his current role, he was a Director and Chief Operating Officer of a global European bank, Hong Kong Branch. He has around 20 years of experience in the banking industry with focus on compliance, fraud investigations and financial crime. He held senior and managerial AML compliance positions at various global banks. He was also an investigative officer of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), with experience in police corruption, election corruption and bank fraud investigations. He has led several regulatory driven AML reviews in the securities sector.


Date & Time
Wednesday, 23 Mar 2022 (12:20PM - 1:20PM)
Virtual Platform
Relevant Subject
Regulatory Compliance
New, Seminar
Trad. Chi / Cantonese
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00