Getting To Know Our New Board Director
Mr Kevin Liem

Published on 2 February 2021

Elected to the Board in December 2020, Mr Kevin Liem is the Chairman of the Individual Membership Outreach Committee and a strong advocate for connecting and engaging industry practitioners and students with the HKSI Institute.  He is also our top Member Ambassador in 2020.

Q: Please tell us more about yourself.

A: I was trained as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and began my career as an investment bank research analyst with one of the international bulge-bracket firms before progressively moving toward senior management positions in both financial and public service institutions across various scales.

I am currently the Managing Director of a Hong Kong based family office, a council member and investment committee member for the Hong Kong Baptist University, and serving on the board of various investment funds, listed companies and NGOs. 

Q: What interest you at the HKSI Institute? What appeals to you about board service at the HKSI Institute?

A: The HKSI Institute is a great platform that connects our industry practitioners with the regulators, stock exchange and the Government with a vision to uphold Hong Kong as one of top international financial centres by offering the highest standards in financial services.

I have been an active member of the HKSI Institute since 2013, serving on the Education and Development Committee, Outreach Committee, Young Professionals Club Council, and now on the Individual Membership Outreach Committee. I was able to gain a competitive advantage in my profession from the privileged access to industry events and training programmes offered by the HKSI Institute. They provided me the chance to expand my network with like-minded professionals and industry veterans. It is therefore my honour to serve on the board of the HKSI Institute for an opportunity to pay it forward and further contribute to the well-being of practitioners. 

Q: What would you like to accomplish during your term as Board Director? What are you passionate about?

A: I am most passionate about the opportunity to empower our young members with the excellent events, programmes and initiatives offered by the HKSI Institute, including the WAM Pilot Programme, mentorship programmes, university joint programmes, etc. These initiatives are especially important in 2021 as our industry is one of the least impacted sectors by COVID-19 and has the capability to continue providing job opportunities and upward mobility for graduates and young professionals under this challenging environment.

In addition, as a board member at the HKSI Institute, I have the opportunity to stay on top of emerging industry trends and exchange ideas with different stakeholders to bring positive impact to our industry. 

Q: What are your hopes for the future of the HKSI Institute and our professional community in general?

A: The HKSI Institute has a collective voice to advocate for our industry. This is especially important when our industry standards are evolving at unprecedented speed due to the recent pandemic and changes in our geopolitical environment locally and globally. Whether Hong Kong can continue to enjoy its position as the most important international financial centre in Asia requires collaboration between various industry stakeholders, and I truly believe that the HKSI Institute can serve as a powerful platform for this endeavour and enhance the competitiveness of our professional community in this everchanging environment.


Mr Kevin Liem accepting his Senior Fellowship from Honorary Fellow Mr Carlson Tong, in recognition of his contributions and services to the Institute and the professional community.


Mr Kevin Liem regularly moderates seminars at the HKSI Institute, including the signature Chief Officer Series delivered by Mr Matthias Li, then Chief Executive of Ocean Park.  

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