Mentoring Programme 2020/2021 Cohort

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (“Code”) contains guidelines aiming to protect all parties involved. Mentors and Mentees, by applying to join the HKSI Institute Mentoring Programme (“Programme”), have indicated your understanding of the Code and the agreement to observe and be bound by it. If any aspect of the Code is violated, the party(s) concerned will be subject to dismissal from the Programme.





1.    Be proactive and take initiatives in contacting and seeking advice from mentor.

2.    Be open to new ideas raised by mentor/ mentee; Mentors should consider mentees’ best interest when offering advice.

3.    Do not seek for career or personal favours out of the relationship, nor the relationship should be misleading or exploitative.


4.    Punctual participation for meetings with mentors and activities organised during the Cohort.

5.    To participate in evaluation of the Programme, including completing surveys and interviews.


6.    Please respect both mentors’ and mentees’ time and responsibilities.

7.    Please treat Mentors and fellow mentees kindly and observe confidentiality. Do not intrude into areas the mentor(s) and mentee(s) wish to keep private.

8.    Either mentor or mentee may dissolve the relationship, however both sides need to discuss it first, for mutual respect and understanding.


9.    To refrain from offering professional advice or information that may be confidential, misleading or where it is not possible to assess its accuracy.

10. Mentors and mentees should be aware that all records are subject to statutory regulations under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

11. To respect all copyrights, agreements, work, intellectual property and trademarks and comply with laws covering such areas.

12. To provide information required by the HKSI Institute to Programme analysis enhancement.