Case Competition 2022

Since its launch in 2004, the Case Competition (previously known as the Scholarship Programme), has provided the opportunity to more than 800 university students to develop their career in the financial industry. The Case Competition is open to all full-time undergraduates from 19 eligible higher education institutions (HEIs) in Hong Kong.

List of Winners


Mr MOK Darren (HKUST) 

1st Runner-up: 

Miss WONG Hoi Lam (HKUST)

2nd Runner-up: 

Miss DU Jiayu (CUHK)

Team Award: 

Team 7 - Value Partners : Miss DU Jiayu (CUHK) & Mr MOK Darren (HKUST)


Best ESG Initiative Award (Final Round):

*Listed by Team Number

Team 3 - DWS Miss WONG Hoi Lam (HKUST)
Team 5 - HKBEA Mr LEUNG Yam Hong (HKU)
Team 7 - Value Partners Mr MOK Darren (HKUST)
Team 12 - HKEX Mr WONG Tsz Ho (HKU)
Team 14 - Citi Miss CHAU Lam Yan (HKU)
Team 16 - HashKey Miss LU Tingyi (HKU)


Top Performer Award (Semi-final Round):

*Listed by Team Number

Team 1 - LINK Mr CHENG Siu Fung Lon (HKU)
Team 2 - BDO Mr WAN Ka Hang (HKU)
Team 3 - DWS Miss WONG Hoi Lam (HKUST)
Team 4 - Huobi Tech Mr SO Yik Huen (HKUST)
Team 5 - HKBEA Mr LEUNG Yam Hong (HKU)
Team 6 - Ernst & Young Mr CHAI Nok Ming (HKU)
Team 7 - Value Partners Mr MOK Darren (HKUST)
Team 8 - UBS Mr SETHI Aryan (HKUST)
Team 9 - BlackRock Mr TANG Man Chung Tommy (CityU)
Team 10 - PwC Mr YIP Chin Pang (HKUST)
Team 11 - KPMG Miss CHAN Hok Yan (HKU)
Team 12 - HKEX Mr WONG Tsz Ho (HKU)
Team 13 - BC Group Miss ZHANG Ruohan (HKU)
Team 14 - Citi Miss CHAU Lam Yan (HKU)
Team 15 - Deloitte Mr CHUNG Ho Man (HKUST)
Team 16 - HashKey Mr NG Chi Kit (HKUST)
Team 18 - Haitong Mr LEE Ka Keung (CityU)





  1. Full-time undergraduates from 19 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Hong Kong AND
  2. Holders of HKSI Institute Student Membership

19 Participating Higher Education Institutions




Caritas Institute of Higher Education


Chu Hai College of Higher Education


City University of Hong Kong


Gratia Christian College


HKCT Institute of Higher Education


Hong Kong Baptist University


Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education


Hong Kong Shue Yan University 


Lingnan University


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Education University of Hong Kong


The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


The University of Hong Kong


Tung Wah College


UOW College Hong Kong

How to Apply?


  1. Current student members enjoy the privilege to proceed to Stage 2 by application.
  2. A total of 50 spots will be allocated to current student members on first-come-first-served basis. Please click here to apply before Tuesday, 4 January 2022.

For enquiry on the Member Route, please contact us on 3120 6100, or email to [email protected].

Marking Scheme

100-word quote under HEI Route:

Criteria Max. Points (100)


Demonstrate originality and creative thinking



Demonstrate relevance of ideas to the topic



Demonstrate good English writing skills and effective communication


Judge's Discretionary Points:

Demonstrate additional competencies or skills not listed above






Important Dates

Highlights of Scholarship Programme 2021
Award Presentation Ceremony

Scholarship Programme Award Presentation Ceremony held at the JW Marriott Hotel. 

Champion Miss Joyce Tang (2nd from right) accompanied by HKUST representative Ms Sophia Wan (2nd from left), accepting the award from Programme Chair Mr Barry Tong of Grant Thornton, the Lead Sponsor (right); and Mr Dicky Hung of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, our Research Project Sponsor (left). 

1st Runner-up Mr Austin Lau (2nd from left) accompanied by HKU representative Prof Anna Wong (2nd from right), accepting the award from Mr Louis Mak of I-Access Group, our Cash Sponsor (right); and Mr Dicky Hung (left).


3rd Runner-up Ms Gabriella Sung (middle) accompanied by CUHK representatives Ms Rose Chan (right) and Ms Carol Ho (2nd from left), accepting the award from Mr Lewis Wan of HKFAEx Group, our Cash Sponsor (2nd from right); and Mr Frank Tsui of Value Partners Group, our Research Project Sponsor (left).


Miss Joyce Tang (middle) and Mr Austin Lau (3rd from right) accompanied by Prof Anna Wong (2nd from right) and Ms Sophia Wan (3rd from left), accepting the Team Award from Ms Katherine Ng, Chairman of HKSI Institute (far right); Mr Kevin Liem, Chairman of the Interview Panel (2nd from left); and Mr Dicky Hung (far left).


Group photo with the finalists, university representatives, sponsors and HKSI Institute representatives
(Left to right: Miss Ruth Kung, Chief Executive of HKSI Institute; Ms Sophia Wan; Mr Kingston Tang of CBH Asia, our Research Project Sponsor; Mr Barry Tong; Mr Tommy Yuk; Miss Maisy Ng; Mr Leo Ma; Miss Anson Cheung; Ms Rose Chan; Prof Anna Wong; and Mr Christopher Tang, Member of the Interview Panel)

List of Winners

Champion: Miss TANG Wing Sze Joyce (HKUST) 

1st Runner-up: Mr LAU Pak Hei Austin (HKU)

2nd Runner-up: Miss WONG Cho Yi Joey (CityU)

3rd Runner-up: Ms SUNG Wing Kiu Gabriella (CUHK)



  • Miss CHEUNG Lok Yiu Anson (HKU)
  • Mr MA Leo (HKU)
  • Miss NG Hoi Lam Maisy (OUHK)
  • Mr YUK Tin Cheung Tommy (HKUST)


Team Award: Miss TANG Wing Sze Joyce (HKUST) & Mr LAU Pak Hei Austin (HKU)


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