Getting to Know Our Senior Fellow – Mr Mark Lin

Published on 28 November 2023


In 2023, Mr Mark Lin was honoured as a HKSI Institute Senior Fellow for his remarkable contributions as a moderator and mentor in our professional development programmes. He is a Partner at Hogan Lovells and currently serves as a Member of our Education and Development Committee.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to pursue your field of expertise.

A: I am a commercial dispute resolution lawyer specialising in the financial services sector. In the context of Hong Kong, this translates into lots of contentious regulatory work. When I started doing contentious regulatory work in the 1990s, Hong Kong was propelling itself to the forefront of the world’s leading financial centres. At the time, there was a lacuna of local talents in this field.

Q: How do you effectively navigate the complexities of the multi-jurisdictional legal landscape?

A: I am lucky to be working with a team of talented colleagues who work in the major jurisdictions such as London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore, and so I can always count on their support in understanding the nuanced features of resolving dispute in those jurisdictions.  Personally, a good starting point is to go in with an open mind and chuck any attempt to colour your perspective by your own legal or professional training.  I, for one, never go into a cross border dispute thinking that the common law system is any more superior than the others.

Q: Please share a memorable case that you are proud of and would like to highlight.

A: Against all odds and popular misunderstanding, it was the incredible win against the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in the highly celebrated Market Misconduct Tribunal case involving the former directors of CITIC that I am proud to highlight!

Q: In your experience, what are some of the most common legal risks or challenges that financial institutions face, and what proactive measures or strategies do you recommend to mitigate those risks?

A: Many legal risks are the result of allowing professional standards and integrity to be blind-sided by short term financial expediency.  To address this, regular ethics training coupled with visible management disapproval of bad behaviour, such as through financial disincentives, would be a good start.  

Q: How do you strike a balance between your demanding work schedule and your personal life?

A: Learning to accept that you cannot possibly do everything and the world can actually function pretty well without you.

Q: You have been an active member of the HKSI Institute since 1998. What excites you at the Institute, as well as your most memorable experience with us?

A: I would say being honoured with the Senior Fellowship!