Important Notice

Preventive Measures for COVID-19 for Examination Candidates and Event/Course/Seminar Participants

We will

  • Conduct disinfecting and cleaning after each examination session and event/course/seminar; and
  • Ensure appropriate distancing is maintained in our examination and training centres.

All examination candidates and event/course/seminar participants are advised to observe the following specific arrangement:

  • To have temperature screening at our premises. Those with body temperature of 37.5 ºC or higher would be refrained from entering;
  • To perform hand hygiene with alcohol sanitizer before entering;
  • To wear self-provided facemask throughout the examination/event/course/seminar;
  • To refrain from eating and drinking in our premises;
  • To use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application or fill-in the Visitor Information Record Form;
  • Anyone who coughs or sneezes continuously may be asked to leave;
  • Anyone who does not comply with the above measures may be requested to leave as well.

You are advised to refrain from coming into our premises under the following circumstances:

  • Have symptoms such as fever, malaise, dry cough and shortness of breath, which are consistent with that of COVID-19 cases;
  • Have visited/travelled to place(s) in which compulsory testing/quarantine is required, where you are waiting for test results or the date of your visit to HKSI Institute falls within the compulsory testing/quarantine period; or
  • Have close contacts with person who is under quarantine/confirmed/probable cases with COVID-19.

Examination candidates or course/seminar participants who are unable to attend the registered examination or course/seminar under any of the abovementioned circumstances or have travel restrictions imposed by their countries or companies can apply for transference or withdrawal.

Examination Candidates

For examinations to be held on or before 28 February 2022, candidates can apply for transference or withdrawal by emailing their application together with the supporting documentation (such as medical certificate) to us at [email protected] prior to their registered examination date. Withdrawal application is subject to an administration fee of HKD400.

If any candidate who cannot attend the examinations due to travel restrictions to Hong Kong, please email [email protected] for special arrangements which will incur additional charges.

For enquiries, please call our hotline at (852) 3120 6100 or email us at [email protected].

Course/Seminar Participants

Course/seminar participants can apply for withdrawal by emailing their application together with the supporting documentation (such as medical certificate) to us at [email protected] prior to their course/seminar date.

For enquiries, please call (852) 6683 8873 or email us at [email protected].


We are closely monitoring the situation and following Hong Kong Government’s advice on the necessary preventive measures.

The HKSI Institute reserves the right to make changes to the above special arrangement without prior notice.