Revamped Trust Training Certificate (TTC) course will be launched in early March 2024

(Joint announcement of The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association and Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute)

The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association (HKTA) in partnership with Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute) launched the Trust Training Certificate (TTC) course in 2018.  This accreditation confers a Certified Trust Practitioner™ (CTP) designation to individuals who have successfully completed the TTC and accomplished the accreditation requirements.

The TTC aims to develop talent within the trust and financial services industries, establish professional industry standards, and enhance the education and knowledge of trust practitioners in Hong Kong.

Why is a revamp required?

We have recently performed a detailed review and decided to revamp the training programme with updated legislation and regulatory guidelines to ensure that it stays relevant and practical for trust practitioners.

What has been enhanced in the new syllabus?

  • The revamped TTC course structure retains its two parts, Part A and B, comprising 14 units and 42 hours of in-class time.
  • Certain topics will be re-categorised, modified, or added in accordance with new legislation, guidelines and topical areas.
  • Part A, which traditionally focused on private trusts, will be expanded to include an introduction to corporate trusts and other relevant regulatory regimes, such as the new HKMA guidelines for trustees and the new SFC Regulated Activity type 13 (RA13) requirements for trustees and depositaries.
  • Part B will also be updated to reflect new legislation and specifically focuses on Hong Kong arrangements.

When will the new syllabus be launched?

The launch of the revamped Part A and B of TTC is scheduled for March 2024.  An information session will be held early next year to provide further details including the key changes and the revised syllabus of the training programme.

Will the current TTC programme and examinations be run before March 2024?

The current syllabus will continue to offer UNTIL June 2024.  Current and prospective TTC students will still have the opportunity to study the existing TTC course and take the examinations.

The table below provides the schedules for training and examinations for the current TTC course from now till June 2024:  


Part A

Part B







August 2023

December 2023

September 2023

December 2023


NO offering

June 2024

March 2024

June 2024


Enrolment for 2023 schedule will begin on 28 August for Part A and 4 September 2023 for Part B.


Candidates who have attended TTC course at various stages but not yet passed the examinations will receive an email regarding the arrangement by the end of August 2023. A frequently asked questions list will be provided shortly thereafter.


For any enquiries, please contact the following email addresses