Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 3 (2022)


This eCourse consists of three modules. Module 1 emphasizes the importance of a methodical, structured approach to client acquisition, the techniques used, and the skills needed to develop effective pitch books in chasing new business.

Module 2 focuses on the key skills and attributes required of successful relationship managers (RMs) and the specific challenges associated with managing the relationships in a client portfolio, including winning new clients while simultaneously retaining and growing business from existing clients.

Module 3 looks at the importance of trust between wealth managers and their clients and the benefits of trust for both parties. The key skills and traits involved in becoming a trusted advisor are also described in detail.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Recognise the importance of new client acquisition for a private wealth management business
- Identify the main methods of sourcing new clients namely to-face, through direct referrals, networking events, and hosting seminars, and online through social media, forums, the business website, and emails
- Recall the process of prospecting, qualifying, and winning new clients, and overcoming client objections
- Identify the main types of pitch book, namely general and deal pitch books, and pitch book components, such as firm details, asset management credentials, fee structure, and ancillary services
- Outline the importance of the relationship management role in the wealth management business and the use of various media and formats in managing client relationships
- Identify the key skills, traits, and attributes expected of relationship managers
- Recognise the purpose of both prospecting and positioning in a relationship manager’s role
- Identify the key factors required to consolidate and improve client relationships
- Identify the role of trust in wealth management relationships and the various stages of the trust spectrum from the perspective of both the client and the wealth manager
- Recognise the key skills and traits required of wealth managers to gain and maintain the trust of their clients


Module 1: Private Wealth Management - Client Acquisition & Pitching
Topic 1: Overview of Client Acquisition
Topic 2: Sourcing New Clients
Topic 3: Client Acquisition Process
Topic 4: Pitching & Pitch Books

Module 2: Private Wealth Management - Relationship Management
Topic 1: Overview of Relationship Management
Topic 2: RM Skills & Attributes
Topic 3: Managing Clients
Topic 4: Consolidating The Relationship

Module 3: Private Wealth Management - Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Topic 1: Building Client Trust
Topic 2: Trusted Advisor Skills & Traits


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所有會員: HK$600
非會員: HK$900
機構會員員工: HK$600