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[Webinar] Driving Net Zero Transition - Sustainable Finance Taxonomy


The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero has gathered +500 financial intuitions to pledge to become net-zero by 2050. Financial institutions need to reduce their Scope 3 financed emissions and one of the ways to achieve so is to expand the financial portfolio with more low-carbon projects.

In 2019, EU has passed the Taxonomy Regulation, requiring corporate and financial market participants to disclose the alignment against the EU Taxonomy (“EUT”) which may have an impact to the Asian market and financial institutions.


The seminar aims to help the financial market participants gain relevant knowledge about EUT and know the latest development of Asian taxonomies.

By the end of the seminar, participants will:
• Understand why financial professionals need to learn about EUT
• Know the relevant concepts and terms used in EUT
• Become aware of recent taxonomy-related developments in Asia
• Gain information about how the taxonomy can be incorporated in a firm’s strategy towards climate transition


Topics to be covered:
• Objectives and benefits of the application of EUT
• Structure and key components of the EUT
• Sharing of application by corporates and financial institutions
• The emergence of Asian taxonomies and its implications to the Asian financial markets


The webinar is intended for banking professionals, asset managers and other financial services professionals who have had exposure to sustainable finance- or climate change-related topics in finance.


Cherie TAM
Cherie Tam is a Senior Manager of Enea Consulting since 2021. She specialises in sustainable finance and works with banks to incubate new sustainable finance products as well as advise on execution strategies within the organisation. She also focuses on corporate ESG integration based on requirements from the financial sector including financial materiality frameworks and sectoral decarbonisation pathways.

Cherie has 8 years of solid corporate banking experience in international and regional banks, executed multiple sustainable finance mandates, developed regional insights on how to embed ESG / sustainability for future-driven growth and shape the evolution of markets along the value chains in parallel with the regulatory development and paradigm shift in relation to climate change and sustainable finance.


2022年11月9日, 星期三 (12:00下午 - 1:00下午)
第1類 - 證券交易
第4類 - 就證券提供意見
第9類 - 提供資產管理
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00