Alternative Investment

[Classroom] The Hedge Fund Masterclass (3rd Cohort)



This programme comprises of FOUR modules, is an advanced programme designed to equip financial practitioners the required knowledge and skills to join and develop their career in the Hedge Fund Management industry.

Upon successful completion of all FOUR modules, the participant will be awarded the Certificate of Completion of this programme.


Train and advise 500 emerging investment talents to join the HK hedge fund industry in the next 5 years


Module 1: Overview of the Hedge Fund Management Industry:
- Origin
- Definition
- Structure of Hedge Fund
- Hedge Fund and Counterparties
- Hedge Fund vs Mutual Fund
- Hedge Fund Market Trends

Modules 2-3: Hedge Fund Strategies:
- Convergence
- Securities Selection
- Divergence
- Emerging Strategies

Module 4: Hedge Fund Investing:
- Due Diligence (IDD and ODD)
- Risk Measures & Return Analysis
- Performance Benchmarks
- Qualitative Assessments
- Investor Profile/Characteristics
- Sourcing (Capital Introduction)
- Transparency (Investor Relations)
- The Pros and Cons

Final course work
15-minutes 5 slides presentation of an alpha strategy by each participant
A Certificate of Completion (80% participation of class plus final presentation) will be awarded


This programme is primarily targeted to financial practitioners with a minimum of 5 years relevant sell/buy-side experience who would like to gain a solid understanding of and/or planning to enter/further develop themselves in the hedge fund management industry.

資產財富管理業先導計劃 - 專業培訓資助計劃

本課程乃提升資產財富管理業人才培訓先導計劃 - 專業培訓資助計劃所涵蓋之合資格課程 / 研討會。

合資格之金融服務業現職從業員只要圓滿修畢,便可以就2016年10月1日至2022年8月31日期間上課的合資格課程 / 研討會申請發還80%學費,或上限每人10,000元。

申請人可申請多於一個課程 / 研討會的資助,合計上限10,000元,但每個課程 / 研討會只獲發還學費一次。

已填妥並簽署的申請表連同五項所需的證明文件必須於完成所參加課程 / 研討會當日起計四個月內提交至香港證券及投資學會辦事處。全部課程須於2022年8月31日或之前修畢方符合申請發還學費的資格。詳情請參考資產財富管理業先導計劃網站



Mr. Jim started his career in Europe and was instrumental in supporting major European institutions' first investments into Chinese equities. He subsequently founded one of the first home-grown independent investment management firms in Greater China, focusing on alternative investment strategies. Over the years, Mr. Jim has established himself as one of Asia's pioneers in global hedge fund investments, conducted due diligence on more than 5,000 and allocated to over 100 funds. Mr. Jim has been lecturing at the Institute for 20 years on topics ranging from hedge fund to asset management and is currently also a Part-time Lecturer at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Daniel earned his Bachelor and Master degrees at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and SDA Bocconi in Milan, respectively, upon graduating from St. Joseph’s College in Hong Kong.


2022年7月19日, 星期二 (6:00下午 - 9:00下午)
2022年7月21日, 星期四 (6:00下午 - 9:00下午)
2022年7月25日, 星期一 (6:00下午 - 9:00下午)
2022年7月28日, 星期四 (6:00下午 - 9:00下午)
2022年8月3日, 星期三 (6:00下午 - 9:00下午)
第9類 - 提供資產管理
SFC:15.00, PWMA:15.00

**Upon meeting the completion criteria (80% participation of class plus final presentation), non-member would be offered a 1 year Ordinary Membership.**