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[Webinar] Trust Training Certificate (TTC) - Unit 10: Testamentary Issues & Avoiding Testamentary Disputes (5th Cohort)


This is Unit 10 of the training programme in pursuing the “Trust Training Certificate”.

It consists of two modules:
Module 15: Testamentary Issues - Wills
Module 16: Other Testamentary Issues

For the topics to cover, please refer to the content section below.


Testamentary Issues - Wills

- The reasons and need for making wills
- Can a trust be used instead of a will to avoid probate?
- The nature and use of limited wills
- The usual content of wills
- Information to be kept with wills
- Multiple jurisdiction wills and probating
- Testamentary trusts versus inter vivos trusts
- Standby trusts

Other Testamentary Issues

- Marriage & common law spouses / partnership relationships
- Community of property and financial resource property
- Nuptial agreements and their implications
- Matrimonial property and resulting, constructive and family trust issues

The above issues are set in the context of relevant HK law and relevant legal cases


The course is primarily targeted to those who would like to pursue “Trust Training Certificate” in order to apply for the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association Certified Trust Practitioner™ designation.

It is also relevant to those who would like to gain a solid understanding of the course subject matter.

資產財富管理業先導計劃 - 專業培訓資助計劃

本課程乃提升資產財富管理業人才培訓先導計劃 - 專業培訓資助計劃所涵蓋之合資格課程 / 研討會。

合資格之金融服務業現職從業員只要圓滿修畢,便可以就2016年10月1日至2022年8月31日期間上課的合資格課程 / 研討會申請發還80%學費,或上限每人10,000元。

申請人可申請多於一個課程 / 研討會的資助,合計上限10,000元,但每個課程 / 研討會只獲發還學費一次。

已填妥並簽署的申請表連同五項所需的證明文件必須於完成所參加課程 / 研討會當日起計四個月內提交至香港證券及投資學會辦事處。全部課程須於2022年8月31日或之前修畢方符合申請發還學費的資格。詳情請參考資產財富管理業先導計劃網站


如有意申請專業培訓資助計劃(FIS) 資助,請確保所用的電腦、手機或平版電腦設置視像功能,並須在參與該次網上研討會時全程開啟,方可符合申請發還學費之要求。


Freda LIM
Ms Lim is a founding partner of a law firm. Having been in the private sector for more than 15 years, she continues to stay focused in serving her onshore as well as offshore clients in dealing with a broad spectrum of private client work ranging from family-related issues, estate planning, trust set up, tax, Part II application under the Mental Health Ordinance, probate and estate disputes. Apart from individuals, Ms Lim also works closely with international law firms and professional trustees in advising companies with respect to their per-IPO trusts and employee benefit schemes. Her invaluable experience in dealing with local and overseas post-death issues such as probate and estate administration has made her a unique private client lawyer when it comes to will-drafting for clients with cross border interests and assets. She believes each client has an exclusive preference when dealing with his or her wealth planning. Hence, she is committed to bringing personalized care and tailored made solutions for her clients when handling their family and wealth issues under different contexts. She also enjoys philanthropy work and extends her practice in assisting her clients to set up charitable companies / trusts.
Emily is a private client lawyer who assists clients with a wide range of family and succession related issues, including the drafting of highly customized wills and the setting up of trusts that involve cross-border assets and interests. She also has experience in dealing with family and estate disputes, in assisting applicants with applications under Part II of the Mental Health Ordinance and under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance as well as in drafting pre-IPO trust deeds and employee benefit schemes.


2022年5月25日, 星期三 (6:30下午 - 9:30下午)
SFC:3.00, PWMA:3.00, HKTA:3.00

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Click here if you wish to register for full Part B Stream 1 training programme and examination.