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[Webinar] Developments in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the Latest Updates around Digital Assets



COVID-19 catalyzed the developments of digital assets and the future of money. Many fund houses have now accepted digital assets as an alternative asset class. At the same time, many central banks are developing their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In this webinar, the speakers will provide the latest developments of both topics.


In this joint webinar with the Private Wealth Management Association (PWMA), our distinguished speakers will provide an overview of the background, latest global developments and trends of digital assets and central bank digital currencies.


1. Latest Trends from the crypto industry/Market updates
2. Overview of CBDCs (What it is, Regulatory views and Benefits)
3. Overview of Stablecoins (Examples and Regulatory views)
4. Types of CBDCs (Wholesale v Retail) and global examples
5. Latest developments of Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) in China
6. Understanding the recently reported mCBDC project by the HKMA, BoT, CBUAE and PBC and what’s next for the eHKD retail CBDC


Important Note:

SFC CPT will be granted upon full-hour attendance.

PWMA OPT hour will be granted based on the following requirement:

- conditioned on successful completion of a post-webinar quiz.

- A short post-webinar quiz will be sent to all pre-registered attendees by email after the webinar (within 2 business days). Attendees will need to pass the quiz within 3 business days in order to get 1 OPT hour.


Applicable to all financial services practitioners.


Oscar FUNG
Oscar is a Senior Manager in the Fintech and Crypto team in PwC Hong Kong. He has accumulated a wide range of Crypto and Fintech related experiences, having helped a regulated global crypto exchange on their due diligence review of token issuers and supported a licensed crypto asset management firm on their fundraise in Asia. He has also worked with an overseas regulator on promoting a fintech initiative across its country and was involved in the CBDC project led by the HKMA.
Alexandre TABBAKH
Alexandre is an Associate Director within PwC’s Crypto team in Hong Kong where he specialises in advising multiple types of financial institutions looking to expand their outreach within the crypto industry. From 2015, Alexandre became a crypto and blockchain entrepreneur focused on delivering Blockchain powered solutions to financial institutions as well as building custody products for institutional clients.


2022年1月13日, 星期四 (4:30下午 - 5:30下午)
第1類 - 證券交易
第2類 - 期貨合約交易
第3類 - 槓桿式外匯交易
第4類 - 就證券提供意見
第5類 - 就期貨合約提供意見
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