Compliance, Legislative & Regulatory Standards

[Webinar] Fulfilling Suitability Obligations


This course will discuss the suitability requirement applicable to the sales of investment products under the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission.


To promote awareness and enhance understanding of suitability requirement.


1. Classification of investment products — non-complex or complex product.
2. What is product suitability?
3. Conducting customer risk profiling.
4. Matching customer risk profiling to products offered to clients.
5. Documents and disclosure to clients.
6. Guideline on Online Distribution and Advisory Platforms


Practitioners in the securities industry, and operation officers who perform checking of customer risk profiling questionnaires.

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林慕華女士既是一位資深銀行領導,也是經驗豐富的培訓人士。她在銀行界累積了多年的分行管理經驗後,轉到培訓領域。她帶領過多家銀行的培訓部門,孕育了很多傑出銀行從業員。林女士亦曾擔任大學講師,現為金融機構顧問。林女士畢業於英國曼撤斯特大學,之後獲取香港城市大學財務碩士學位、英國莱斯特大学人力資源及培訓碩士學位。專業資格包括英國特許銀行學會會士、香港銀行學會會士、香港財務策劃師 CFP®亦已考取了打擊洗錢及恐怖分子資金籌集專業證書。


2021年6月7日, 星期一 (12:00下午 - 2:00下午)
2021年6月8日, 星期二 (12:00下午 - 2:00下午)
第4類 - 就證券提供意見
第5類 - 就期貨合約提供意見
第6類 - 就機構融資提供意見
第9類 - 提供資產管理
Trad. Chi / 廣東話
SFC:4.00, PWMA:4.00