Regulatory Update Series

[Webinar] SFC’s Update on Anti-money Laundering Regulations



The seminar aims at giving an overview of the SFC’s key initiatives and workstreams in relation to anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), and some deeper insights into its current consultative proposals to amend the AML/CFT guidelines for licensed corporations.


By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:
1. Keep abreast of the SFC’s key AML/CFT initiatives and workstreams
2. Understand the background and objectives of the key proposals in the SFC’s consultation to amend the AML/CFT guidelines for licensed corporations


1. SFC’s AML/CFT initiatives and workstreams
- Overview of SFC’s AML/CFT initiatives and workstreams
- Follow-up actions identified in the Mutual Evaluation Report of Hong Kong
2. Public consultation on the proposed amendments to the AML/CFT guidelines for licensed corporations
- Background and objectives
- Some key areas of proposed amendments:
a. Money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment of a securities firm and its customers
b. Cross-border correspondent relationships in the securities sector
c. Third-party deposits and payments


1. Responsible officers and licensed representatives
2. Manager-in-charge of AML/CFT
3. Money laundering reporting officers
4. Compliance officers

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Mr Choy is the Senior Director and head of the SFC’s Intermediaries Supervision Department which supervises over 3,000 financial intermediaries in Hong Kong including investment banks, securities dealers, futures brokers, financial advisers and asset managers. Mr Choy oversees key supervision activities such as carrying out on-site inspections of firms for the purpose of identifying and managing risky firms and detecting misconduct. He has also been actively involved in the formulation and implementation of policies and regulations for the securities and futures industry.

Mr Choy joined the SFC’s Enforcement Division in 1998 and was in charge of the Intermediaries Misconduct Team before he moved to his current position in 2017. Prior to joining the SFC, Mr Choy practised as a solicitor in Hong Kong.
Raymond WONG
Mr Raymond Wong is a Director in the Intermediaries Supervision Department of the Intermediaries Division of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. He has extensive experience in both policy and operational aspects of supervising an array of licensed corporations in the Hong Kong securities, futures and leveraged foreign exchange sectors. His current responsibilities include leading various AML/CFT projects and initiatives as well as taking charge of a number of compliance inspection teams. He has been closely monitoring domestic and international developments in industry practices and regulatory requirements on AML/CFT and sanction matters. To ensure cross-sector alignment domestically and conformity with the international FATF standards, he has been actively involved in cross-agency collaboration work on AML/CFT and representing the SFC in FATF fora.


2020年10月22日, 星期四 (12:20下午 - 1:20下午)
新, 研討會
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00