Industry Connectivity Programme

Virtual Mock Interview - Investment Banking Analyst Programme of a Global Finance Company


The Virtual Mock Interviews help Student Members prepare for real job interviews with leading global finance firms. Successful applicants will be arranged to be interviewed by veteran members. Please find details below.


Programme Highlights:

  • Focus on “Analyst Programme”
  • One-on-one practice, with veteran members playing the role as an interviewer of the hiring firm
  • Interview questions based on real scenarios
  • Quick feedback from the interviewer


  • Ms Samantha Ho, Chief Investment Officer, Altus Capital Limited
  • Mr Marvin Lai, Senior Principal, Burgeon Group Consulting Ltd.


Important Notice:

  1. This mock interview offers practices for one-to-one interview with HKSI Institute veteran members playing the role of department heads/ line managers of the hiring company.
  2. The session will be conducted in groups which consists of maximum 3 Student Members and 1 interviewer. Each of you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the interviewer, as well as observing other group members’ performance.
  3. After enrolment, you will receive a system-generated notice from us. About 1 week before the mock interview, you will receive an email confirmation which contains detailed programme arrangements, including a mock job advertisement/ scenario which the mock interview will be based on. You will be required to submit job application information to the HKSI Institute before specified deadline. Hence, please do check your email and prepare accordingly.
  4. Spots of this programme are very limited. Applicants will have to pay a guarantee fee of $100, fully refundable upon timely submission of CV and punctual attendance; If you have applied for this Virtual Mock Interview of Investment Banking Analyst Programme before, please leave the opportunity to others.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 3120 6100.


2020年6月17日, 星期三 (3:00下午 - 4:00下午)