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[Webinar]: Regulatory framework of Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing


Over the past several decades, money laundering has become an increasingly prevalent issue. Regulators, financial institutions, governments and law enforcing agencies are constantly looking for new ways to fight money launderers.

Learning “anti-money laundering” becomes a must not only for every practitioner of the securities, banking, finance, trading industries, insurance, auditing or legal, but also for academia.


This is an elementary-to-intermediate course which provides an overview of the Hong Kong and oversea anti-money laundering regulatory framework for securities and futures industry.


1. Concepts of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
2. Overview of the AMLO, relevant rules and guidelines
3. Politically Exposed Persons, Know Your Client and Customer Due Diligence
4. Risk Based Approach
5. Indicators of suspicious activities commonly encountered
6. Suspicious Transaction Reporting and Joint Financial Intelligence Unit
7. Key elements of an effective AML Program
8. Case studies (Hong Kong, Regional and International)


This course is mainly targeted to Individuals or professionals whose work is involved in the anti-money laundering matters and/or client onboarding process or those who are interested in this topic.


Mr. Au Yeung is currently the Chief Operating Officer of a leading fintech company and has over 15 years of experience in compliance, anti-money laundering and risk management. Prior to that, Mr. Au Yeung led different regional and local middle-to-back office functions in some global financial institutions. He started his career in Morgan Stanley and then moved to a global audit firm before joining the SFC as a regulator.

Mr. Au Yeung graduated from the HKUST with first class honor and obtained law degrees from the CUHK and Tsinghua University.


2020年5月26日, 星期二 (6:30下午 - 9:00下午)
第1類 - 證券交易
第2類 - 期貨合約交易
第3類 - 槓桿式外匯交易
第4類 - 就證券提供意見
第5類 - 就期貨合約提供意見
Trad. Chi / 廣東話
SFC:2.50, PWMA:2.50

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