Regional Market Update Series

Business Opportunities & Tax Challenges for Financial Services Industry in the Greater Bay Area



The Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) is a unique platform for the Belt & Road Initiative. The financial services industry, at the core of the GBA, has significant implications for Hong Kong. The speaker will highlight business opportunities and tax challenges for financial services industry in light of GBA’s development, and consider salient tax factors and planning in securing cross-border business activities.


‧ GBA is a unique platform for the Belt & Road Initiative
‧ Hong Kong’s market outlook and implications of GBA’s development to the financial services industry (e.g. banking, fund management, securities, insurance, debt, private equity)
‧ Corporate and individual tax challenges arising from cross-border business activities
‧ Some tax risk precaution and mitigation solutions and tax-efficient arrangements


This seminar is relevant for investors and financial services practitioners in the banking, fund management, securities, insurance and private equity markets. Senior executives and professionals who are interested in Greater Bay Area opportunities and related tax risk management would also benefit from this seminar.

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Caesar WONG
Caesar is a professional accountant and a certified tax advisor. Over the past 27 years, Caesar has worked and lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai (back in 1994) and Guangzhou to witness the development of China’s free trade zones and Greater Bay Area. Prior to returning Hong Kong to join RSM in June 2016, Caesar was with Andersen, PwC, EY and Deloitte. Caesar is experienced in delivering practical solutions to China and cross-border tax and business projects and is specialised in investment location studies, direct investment strategies, tax risk mitigation, tax controversy solutions, tax due diligence studies, government services, corporate restructuring and IPO related tax services. Caesar supports policy drafting and consultation and is a popular speaker at policy consultation meetings, international conferences and government training.


2020年1月20日, 星期一 (12:20下午 - 1:20下午)
新, 研討會
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00