Economic & Market Outlook Series

2020 China Market Strategy Outlook: Going the Distance



Contrary to the prevailing pessimism at the end of 2018, the Year 2019 was a year of “Turning a Corner” for the stock market in China. The IMF estimated that the US-China trade tensions will cumulatively reduce the level of global GDP by 0.8% in 2020. Yet the economic drivers of China’s economy and the development in the Greater Bay Area may defy such slowdown. Against this background, the speaker will share his thoughts on China and Hong Kong’s economic forecast for 2020.


‧ Prognosis of US-China phase 1 trade deal
‧ What’s next after Phase 1
‧ Drivers of China’s economy and how sustainable these are?
‧ Can Hong Kong take advantage of Greater Bay Area development?
‧ What’s next for China and HK’s economic forecast in 2020?


This seminar is suitable for all practitioners in the financial services industry who would like to know more about economic analysis and the speaker’s perspectives and forecasts for the China market in 2020.

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Mr Hao Hong is the Managing Director and Head of Research at BOCOM International, professor of Tsinghua Zijing-Kelley School of Business, a founding member of Cross-border Finance 50 Forum and director of China Chief Economist Forum. Mr Hong is the Former Chief Global Equity Strategist and Executive Director at CICC (Beijing, Hong Kong), and Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley (Sydney, New York) and Citigroup (New York, London).

Mr Hong was named as the “Most Accurate Strategist in China” by Bloomberg. He predicted the unprecedented liquidity crisis and the corresponding plunge and recovery in China’s stock market in 2013, and the onset and the end of the historic stock market bubble in China from 2014 to mid-2016. Mr Hong was honoured as the “Best Strategist for Overseas Market” by New Fortune, and as the “Newsmaker of the Year” in 2011 and 2015 by Bloomberg.

Mr Hong is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Caixin, Caijing and Forbes, and appeared as a special guest on CCTV, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Phoenix TV, TVB, CNN, CNA.

Mr Hong is a CFA Charterholder since 2001 and a brand spokesman for the CFA Institute since 2016.

Awards: No.2 Best Team for Economic Research (HK); No.3 Best Team for Economic Research (A&B shares) in Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2018; Best Hong Kong Economist and Strategist; Top 2 or 3 awards as individual and team leader in economics and strategy research in Hong Kong, China A & B shares, and China (H-share, Red chip and P-chip) Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2017


2020年1月9日, 星期四 (12:20下午 - 1:20下午)
新, 研討會
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00

CFA Charterholders in good standing are entitled to HKSI Institute’s member rate.  At registration, CFA Charterholders who are not HKSI Institute members or staff of corporate members will be charged at non-members rate by HKSI Institute. Upon attending the seminar and verified by the CFA Institute to be a Charterholder in good standing, HKSI Institute will refund the difference (between non-member and member rate) according to its refund policy.