Improving Capital Markets through Blockchain Technology

Lunch & Learn


Emerging technologies in the field of Fintech are creating new opportunities for investment professionals and capital markets participants. Many people often discuss the potential of AI and Big Data in this field, but less often discuss the potential that blockchain technology (outside of cryptocurrencies) can play in reshaping capital markets.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of how blockchain technology has been used to improve the efficiency of three core areas of capital markets: capital raising, capital liquidity, and capital record-keeping. Through case studies, it will explore the market landscape, trends, and opportunities that are shaping the future.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
‧ Understand how blockchain has been used within each segment of the capital markets
‧ Better evaluate the feasibility of using new infrastructures or digital securitization methods
‧ Explore new areas of capital markets-related blockchain technology solutions
‧ Familiarise with current regulatory trends in this space
‧ Identify new business or potential investment opportunities


1. Quick primer on blockchain and its technical value proposition
2. History and case studies of blockchain’s use across the capital markets:
a. Capital raising: Issuance and Distribution
b. Capital liquidity: Secondary market trading
c. Capital record-keeping: Custody, clearing, and settlement
3. Comparison of traditional asset financial market infrastructures vs. digital asset financial market infrastructures
4. Overview of digital asset taxonomy
5. Market overview of current blockchain capital markets technology solutions across issuance, trading, and custody/clearing/settlement
6. Evaluating the efficiency advantage of blockchain applications in capital markets services
7. Regulatory overview and trends across jurisdictions: US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, HK, Singapore, Japan


This course is designed for license holders, financial services and advisory professionals in private wealth management, asset management, banking, venture capital, private equity, trading, securities law, and professional services. It is also highly suitable senior management, IT practitioners and those interested in Fintech solutions.


Ben is currently Head of Ecosystems at a blockchain-focused Fintech group and one of Asia’s most active investors in blockchain-related Fintech. With over 10 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, he started his career as a derivatives trader, then as a cross-border investment analyst, before moving into consumer technology product management and business development.

Ben is a recognised thought leader in blockchain technology. While at graduate school at Stanford, he co-founded the University’s largest blockchain community, growing it to over 600 students across the engineering, law, and business schools. He was also a co-author on Stanford-published research on blockchain applications and was a co-author on the Fintech Association of Hong Kong’s report on blockchain for the Greater Bay Area Blueprint.

He is frequently invited as a panellist to speak about blockchain’s use in financial services and has been quoted as an expert source for publications like Corporate Treasurer and Business Insider. He is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he earned his Master’s degree in Management.


2019年11月26日, 星期二 (12:00下午 - 2:00下午)
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SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00