Lifetime Membership for Senior Fellows and Fellows

We value our Senior Fellows and Fellows’ contributions to our professional community and the industry. In appreciation of their longstanding support, we are delighted to offer eligible members a new lifetime membership benefit to enjoy a lifetime of value, along with our membership perks and benefits. Details below:

Eligibility and Fee

  • Membership Class: Senior Fellows and Fellows
  • Criteria: At the time of renewal, aggregation of individual’s age and his/ her membership years with the Institute equals to or exceeds 60.
  • Lifetime Membership fee: One-time fee of HKD3,800. No further annual renewal fees required.

How to become a Lifetime Member?

This option will be automatically available in eligible Senior Fellows and Fellows’ Online Portal upon their membership renewal date.

Alternatively, they can maintain the annual renewal options for Senior Fellows and Fellows at HKD1,800 per annum or HK1,500 per annum respectively, or enjoy the concessionary rate at HKD800 per annum if they are 60 years old or above.

Call us at 3120 6100 to know more!