Notice: Special Notes for Examination Candidates

Notes on using Online Enrolment Service:

1. Please read the Terms and Conditions and the relevant Examination Handbook(s)  carefully before proceeding.

2. Please ensure the following examination details are correct when confirming the selected examination session(s):

  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Language (For computer-based examinations other than The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society Qualification Examination, the “Language” indicates the system interface language while the questions remain in dual language of English and Chinese)
  • Type

   No change to the above will be allowed upon successful payment.

3. In the event that the payment is unsuccessful, the enrolment will be cancelled and an “Enrolment Reject” email will be sent to the enrollee after 30 minutes. To enrol for the same examination session, please try again after 30 minutes or upon receiving the “Enrolment Reject” email. Alternatively, enrollee can enrol immediately for other examination session.