Special One-On-One Online Examination Arrangement (March – April 2022)

Individuals interested in the one-on-one examination please read the below carefully before enrolment.

Details and Fee

  • Papers Available
    • Paper 1 Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation
    • Paper 2 Regulation of Securities
    • Paper 6 Regulation of Asset Management
  • Language
    • English OR Chinese (please refer to examination timetable for each examination session)
  • Enrolment Terms
    • Applicants are allowed to enrol for each LE paper once a month due to the limited capacity
    • Applicant’s second enrolment will be rejected. The examination fee less the administration fee of HKD400 will be refunded and payable to the applicant concerned within three months after their enrolment application.
  • Fee
    • HKD6,000 per sitting
  • Examination Results
    • Candidate’s grades, actual examination scores and individual performance analyses will be available in the HKSI Institute Online Portal for access approximately FIVE working days after the date of each examination

Essential Requirement for Special One-on-One Online Examination

Candidates MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Attend Pre-Examination Testing Session to ensure that candidates' equipment and environment are fit for taking the examination.
    • Candidates will be notified of the pre-examination testing date and time a day after enrolment of the examination. 30-minute testing session would take place THREE working days before the scheduled date of examination.
    • Candidates’ pre-examination testing session must take place at the same location as where they would sit for the actual examination.
    • Candidates are NOT allowed to sit for the examination if they do not attend the pre-examination testing session and their examination results will be graded ABSENT. Absentees will not be re-scheduled to another examination session and all fees paid are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Location
    • Examination must take place in a private space. It is candidate’s responsibility to arrange a room or space with no access by any other persons.
  • Equipment required
    ONE laptop / desktop computer AND ONE smartphone or tablet
    for the examination.
    • The laptop / desktop computer must have the following applications and functions:
      - Microsoft Windows 10/ Windows 11 (English version) – other operating systems or Mac are not accepted,
      - WebEx,
      - camera function,
      - microphone function,
      - speaker function,
      - screen saver be disabled
    • The smartphone or tablet will be used for real-time monitoring and sending of candidates' declaration and answer sheet, and must have the following applications and functions:
      - WebEx,
      - WhatsApp,
      - camera,
      - microphone,
      - speaker
    • Internet Connection must be stable.  Wired network is preferred over wireless network.

For the full guidelines of online special examination, please click here.