Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 11


This eCourse consists of two modules. Module 1 focuses on manager selection process, along with the skills and knowledge required of manager selection teams. The overriding fiduciary duty of a wealth management operation is to provide clients with the best possible investment solution that aligns with their risk preferences. This may be achievable through the firm’s internal products and competencies, but often it is necessary to source external investment managers to deliver superior outcomes for clients. This manager selection process is focused on identifying and performing due diligence on investment managers that are considered capable of delivering outperformance.

Module 2 is a scenario that explores how various private wealth management concepts are used in practice. You will observe a situation where a private banker manages a relationship with a client, with support from other personnel. The client is interviewed by the private banker as part of a regular portfolio review and you will follow the line of discussion around needs analysis, risk and reward, due diligence, and the concerns of the client.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Identify the rationale and key principles behind the manager selection process
- List the key stages of the selection process
- Recognise the importance of ongoing manager monitoring, including the role of buy lists and watchlists
- Know how various private wealth management concepts are used in practice.


Module 1: Private Wealth Management – Manager Selection
Topic 1: Rationale & Principles
Topic 2: The Selection Process
Topic 3: Manager Monitoring

Module 2: Private Wealth Management - Scenario

Who should attend

Module 1
Private Wealth Management - Functions & Roles

Module 2
A basic understanding of wealth management products and services as well as the key aspects of client relationship management is assumed.


Relevant Subject
Type 9 - Asset management
SFC:1.50, PWMA:1.50
All Member: HK$460
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$460
Non-Member: HK$665