Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 1 (2022)


This eCourse consists of three modules. Module 1 introduces and defines the concepts of private banking and wealth management. It identifies the general activities of private banking and wealth management businesses, the different types of business and their value proposition, and the various fee structures and revenue models. The module also outlines the evolved history and current trends in the industry.

Module 2 looks at scope of operation and the associated functions and roles within the firm in the context a typical fully-integrated wealth management operation offering the full suite of services a private client might reasonably expect.

Module 3 describes how wealth managers need to be adept at identifying and servicing many areas in arriving at a representative client profile. There are challenges to match each client with the ideal set of products and services. In this respect, the prerequisite for success is an intimate knowledge of the client.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Distinguish private banking activities from wealth management activities
- Recognise how the private wealth management industry has evolved over the years
- Identify the different types of private client service propositions and the various sources of revenue for private wealth management firms
- Recognise the structure and organisation of a typical wealth management firm
- Identify the main wealth management functions and associated roles, namely sales and client relations, investment management, wealth planning, banking, and risk and compliance
- Define the rationale for classifying and grouping wealth management clients
- Recognise the spectrum of client types based on profession and source of wealth
- Identify the different client styles and attitudes to wealth management and the impact of these differing approaches


Module 1: Business of Wealth Management
Topic 1: Private Banking & Wealth Management
Topic 2: Wealth Management
Topic 3: Industry Development
Topic 4: Wealth Management Firms
Topic 5: Private Client Service Propositions
Topic 6: Sources of Revenue
Topic 7: Industry Challenges

Module 2: Private Wealth Management - Functions & Roles
Topic 1: Wealth Management Functions & Roles
Topic 2: Sales & Client Relations
Topic 3: Investment Management
Topic 4: Wealth Planning
Topic 5: Banking
Topic 6: Risk & Compliance

Module 3: Private Wealth Management - Client Profiling
Topic 1: Client Segmentation
Topic 2: Client Types
Topic 3: Client Attitudes to Wealth Management


Relevant Subject
SFC:2.50, PWMA:2.50
Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (HKCSA): HK$790
All Member: HK$750
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$750
Non-Member: HK$1125