Financial Markets

ESG Data & Ratings - Part 1


This eCourse consists of two modules on ESG data and ratings. Module 1 provides an introduction to the area of ESG data and ratings. Just as credit ratings and financial ratios/indicators support banks and other financial institutions in understanding the financial performance and risk of companies, governments, and other entities, ESG data supports a similar understanding in relation to ESG performance, risk, and impact. While financial data is more well established, ESG data has become increasingly crucial in informing decision-making across the entire financial industry.

Module 2 provides technical insights on the main climate-related risks assessment tools. Climate-related risk assessments have different levels of sophistication and often build upon one another through successive innovation waves. Like any tools, there are pros and cons to their use and it is essential that – to use them appropriately – financial institutions understand how they are calculated and constructed.


On completion of this eCourse, you will be able to:
- Identify the different types of ESG data and ratings available
- Recognise why there is a large market of ESG data providers and the potential for greater oversight/regulation of this market
- Identify the main uses of ESG ratings
- Recognise the key challenges associated with the use of ESG data and ratings
- Recognise why different ESG frameworks can yield different results when applied to the same company or asset
- Recognise the different global goals and principles in integrating sustainability
- Identify the different reporting frameworks that allow companies showcase their sustainability efforts and future objectives
- Identify the main conventional and tech-assisted ratings/indices
- Recall the legislative developments to support the sustainability transition
- Recognise how financial institutions can apply their own methodologies to the raw ESG data


Module 1 ESG Data & Ratings – An Introduction
Topic 1: Overview of ESG Data & Ratings
Topic 2: ESG Ratings Providers
Topic 3: Uses of ESG Ratings
Topic 4: ESG Data Challenges

Module 2 ESG Data & Ratings – Reporting Frameworks
Topic 1: Overview of ESG Data & Ratings
Topic 2: Global Goals & Principles
Topic 3: Reporting Frameworks
Topic 4: ESG Ratings & Indices
Topic 5: Regulation
Topic 6: Engage with ESG Data & Frameworks


Relevant Subject
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All Member: HK$425
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$425
Non-Member: HK$630