eSeminar - CPT Bearing

ESG Digitalisation - What’s a Good Way to Structurally Manage ESG Data


This eSeminar is a recorded session of the 'ESG Digitalisation - What's a Good Way to Structurally Manage ESG Data' webinar held on 17 August 2022.

In this eSeminar, the speakers talked about how ESG data impacts different stages of business growth, the differences of ESG data between public and private markets, as well as the challenges and means to overcome when leveraging ESG data within your company.


By the end of the eSeminar, you will be able to:
1. State the role of ESG data in different stages of business growth
2. Describe the differences of ESG data between public and private markets
3. Identify the challenges and means to overcome using ESG Data


1. Introduction to ESG Data
2. Understanding ESG’s role in the evolution of a company
3. ESG Data in public and private markets
4. Data digitalisation – Challenges and means to overcome

Who should attend

Asset managers, fund managers, investment professionals, and participants within the functions of compliance and risk management who are interested to know how to enhance ESG data management through digitisation.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Loretta NG
Ms. Ng is a climate and sustainability partner at PwC Hong Kong and a member of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA). As a thought leader and senior expert in sustainability, she leads Responsible Investments, M&A and ESG practices in financial services in the Asia Pacific region.

As the main person in charge of climate and sustainable development in the financial industry, Ms. Ng's and her team comprehensively cover various asset classes, across mainland, Hong Kong and international asset management institutions. She has provided a full range of Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) climate risk disclosure services for a number of Hong Kong and cross-border Type 9 licensed asset management companies, including climate governance structure design, full investment process integration and disclosure of climate risk, and climate risk disclosure. In addition, she has spearheaded multiple ESG due diligence practices for international private equity firms, provided ESG policy consulting and framework design for large investment institutions.
Clinton PANG
Mr. Pang is a Senior Manager of PwC team based in Hong Kong. He specialises in responsible investment and has advised on ESG strategy and investment framework development and implementation for a variety of PwC’s top alternative investment clients across Asia, including private equity, venture capital, private debt and distressed investors.

His M&A transactions experience which includes operational and carve-out due diligence, synergy assessment, TSA development, post deal integration and separation provide him with unique experience in strategic considerations for responsible investment and sustainable value creation throughout the investment lifecycle. Prior to joining PwC Deals Advisory, he served 4 years with PwC’s Assurance practice and led financial audits, advisory services for reverse takeover and sustainability audits for listed companies, SOE and conglomerates.


Relevant Subject
Type 9 - Asset management
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00