[Webinar] Green and Sustainable Finance: Overview of the core requirements and 10 smart tips you should know

New Seminar


Green and sustainable finance (“GSF”) is a rapidly expanding area of financial activities. In 2021, Hong Kong Green and Sustainable bonds and loans grew 282% and 124% respectively.

HKMA and SFC co-chaired the GSF Cross-Agency Steering Group, announced their progress in December 2021 with more details to come. Therefore, for you who work in licensed corporations or banks, you should start learning the core requirements in justifying GSF.

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (“HKQAA”) has issued over 180 certificates in Green and Sustainable Finance since 2018. Supported by HKMA, eligible parties could reimburse 100% of the certification fees under Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme.

In this seminar, expert from HKQAA will give you a flavour of the core requirements of GSF together with 10 smart tips you should know.


By the end of the seminar, you will
- Be aware of the HKMA Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme for Bond Issuer and Loan Borrower.
- Have overview of Classifications for green and sustainable investment and project.
- Understand HKQAA “Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme” (GSFCS) as an external review tool


- Highlights of the HKMA Green and Sustainable Finance Grant Scheme
- Use of Proceeds Instrument Vs General Corporate Purpose Instrument
- Different themes under the HKQAA Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme
- List of International and National Green Project Classifications
- 10 Smart Tips for first-time Green and Sustainable Finance arrangements

Who should attend

- Debt capital market / Corporate Finance professionals in financial institutions.
- Sustainability / ESG professionals of corporations
- Environmental / Company Secretary / Legal / Business Consultancy Services Professionals

Any parties who are interested to know more about the criteria of “green and sustainable finance ”

Speaker/Course Instructor

As Assistant General Manager of HKQAA, Kit is responsible for the business development in certification services of Green and Sustainable Finance Certification scheme, Net-Zero Certificate Program, CSR Index, ISO International Standards and Registration Scheme etc..

Prior to joining HKQAA, Kit was business development executive in FinTech, Branded consumer electronics industries. .

Kwok To TING
As Director, Strategic Services Development of HKQAA, KT has over 20 years of experience in management system implementation, auditing and training.

KT has been qualified to perform HKQAA Green and Sustainable Finance Certification assessments since 2018. He led a research team to develop an index for ecological civilization of the Greater Bay Area in 2019 and a mechanism for promotion of green loans in Guangdong Province in 2020. He is actively involved in green finance which helps organizations to raise funds for their green projects and build quality image to attract green investors.


Date & Time
Monday, 11 Apr 2022 (12:20PM - 1:20PM)
Virtual Platform
New, Seminar
Trad. Chi / Cantonese
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00