Wealth Management

Essentials of Wealth Planning


This eCourse consists of three modules on wealth planning. Module 1 covers the primary aims of wealth planning and individuals' needs in different stages of the wealth planning cycle. It also covers the key areas of wealth planning and elements of a wealth plan that a private wealth manager should consider.

Module 2 covers various wealth planning products and solutions. It examines the nature, features, parties involved, the benefits and limitation of each wealth planning products and solutions.

Module 3 focuses on family businesses and their governance where it examines the concept of a family office, the meaning of family governance and how it interacts with wealth planning services for private wealth customers.


On completing this course, you should be able to:
a. Understand the key features and essentials of wealth planning (including the stages of wealth management, principles of tax planning, succession and estate planning, the case of intestacy, etc.);
b. Understand and explain the types, features, benefits and limitation of wealth planning solutions (including trust, foundation, private investment companies); and
c. Understand and describe the roles and purposes of a family office, and how family governance interacts with wealth planning structures


Module 1 - Key Features and Essentials of Wealth Planning
- Wealth Planning Stages
- Wealth Planning Process
- Wealth Planning Elements

Module 2 - Wealth Planning Solutions
- Legal vs Beneficial Ownerships
- Bank Account Management
- Trusts
- Insurance Solutions
- Private label Funds
- Foundations

Module 3 - Family Governance and Wealth Planning
- The Nature of Family Businesses
- Family Business Challenges and Family Governance
- Family Business Succession
- Private Wealth Management Opportunities
- Family Office

Final Assessment
- 12 questions with a pass mark of 80% (i.e. need to get at least 10 questions correct in order to pass the assessment)


Relevant Subject
SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00
All Member: HK$600
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$600
Non-Member: HK$1200