Preparatory Courses

Training Programme for FDRC Mediator / Arbitrator Recruitment



The Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (FDRC) administers an independent dispute resolution scheme to resolve monetary disputes between financial services providers and individual customers. The FDRC is now recruiting new members to the FDRC Lists of Mediators and Arbitrators (the Lists). Applicants for admission have to satisfy the Appointment Committee of FDRC that they have, as one of the prerequisites, completed this training programme and passed the assessment therein.


As part of the training and assessment requirements for admission to the Lists, applicants have to complete this three-part training programme:

Programme Structure

Part I – Regulatory Framework, Experience Sharing & FDRC Workflow
• Introduction to FDRC and Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (FDRS)
• Practical experience sharing – Panel discussion by FDRC Mediators and Arbitrators
• Financial regulatory framework in Hong Kong by representatives from Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and
Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC)

Part II(a) – Financial Products Offered by Banks and their Selling Process
• 10-hour self study
• 3-hour lecture offered by The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB)

Part II(b) – Financial Products Offered by Brokerages and their Selling Process
• 10-hour self study
• 3-hour lecture offered by Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute)

Assessment – 15 October 2021 (Friday)
• AM Session (10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.)
• PM Session (3:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.)
Online Assessment on Part II (a) and (b) (MC test of 60-minute duration), in either AM or PM Session. 
(One chance of re-test in PM session for those who failed, **overall passing mark: 80%**)

For more information, please visit FDRC's website.

Who should attend

This programme is primarily for accredited mediators or arbitrators who have proven experience in mediation and /or arbitration as set out in the Standards and Procedures for Admission to the Lists (S&P) and who intend to make an application to the FDRC for admission to the Lists in accordance with the procedures as set out in the S&P.  Other qualifications/ expertise/professional from legal and/or financial fields are also welcome.


Date & Time
Saturday, 18 Sep 2021 (9:00AM - 1:15PM)
Saturday, 25 Sep 2021 (9:00AM - 1:15PM)
Friday, 8 Oct 2021 (9:00AM - 1:15PM)
Friday, 15 Oct 2021 (10:00AM - 1:00PM)
Friday, 15 Oct 2021 (3:00PM - 6:00PM)
Virtual Platform
Trad. Chi / Cantonese
SFC:12.00, PWMA:12.00, LawSociety:12.00, FDRC:12.00, HKIB:12.00, HKMC:13.00

CPD for HKMAAL and HKIAC are being applied.


  1. If you do not have an HKSI Institute Online Portal user account to enrol for this programme, please create one by clicking “Activate/Create account” on the login page.
  2. The account is only for the purpose of enrolment, attending online courses, attending assessment, obtaining attendance record, etc. and not for applying as a HKSI Institute member.