[Webinar] Knowing the Basics and Investing in the U.S. Market

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With U.S. equities investment gaining popularity, it is important to know the basics of the U.S. market and how to apply the available tools and data to make smarter investment decision.

In this webinar, the speaker will navigate investment landscape of the U.S. market and at the same time, a professional trainer will discuss regional perspective on U.S. equities investment.


By the end of the webinar, participants will :
- Understand the U.S. market structure and the fundamentals of U.S. equities investment.
– Know how to make use of available market data tools in order to tap the potential.


1. Introduction to U.S. market structure
2. Leveraging on Nasdaq’s market data tool
3. Comprehending the fundamental reasons for the melt-up
4. Charting the price objectives of the U.S indexes
5. Zeroing into potential sectors that will benefit from the melt-up

Who should attend

The webinar is primarily targeted at fund managers, asset managers, licensed representatives and investors who would like to have a better understanding of U.S. equities investment.

Speaker/Course Instructor

In Cher BOH
Based in Hong Kong, In Cher BOH is the APAC Head of Product Management & Support, Investment Intelligence of Nasdaq. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Financial Industry across the Exchange, Investment Banking and Brokerage businesses, covering different asset classes including equities, futures & options and foreign exchange in the APAC region. Prior to joining Nasdaq, In Cher was a senior member of some well-known financial institutions.
Derick TAN
Derick is the Founder and Principal Trainer of “Timing & You”, a company dedicated to investor education. He provides global asset strategies for investors around the APAC region to deploy and allocate their investment between different asset classes in different stages of economic cycle. He is a trainer and speaker for Bursa Malaysia and other international financial institutions.


Date & Time
Thursday, 3 Jun 2021 (12:20PM - 1:20PM)
Virtual Platform
Seminar, New
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00