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[Webinar] Trust Training Certificate (TTC) Part B Stream 2 - Revision Session (4th Cohort)


This is the Stream 2 of the Part B of the training programme in pursuing the “Trust Training Certificate” (“TTC”). Stream 2’s topics focused on Collective Investment Schemes (“CIS”) and Retirement Schemes which cover commercial trusts, trust structures for funds and retirement schemes in HK.

Collectively all mandatory units completed from Part A and either Stream 1 or 2 of the Part B form the full course (14 units in total). Participants who have successfully completed the full course and passed the examinations of both parts, will be awarded the TTC.


Part B Steam 2 consists of the following units. For details of each unit, please refer to its respective course page.

Unit 11: International Tax – Part 1
Unit 17: Trusts and Issues for PRC Nationals
Unit 18: Trust for Security Arrangements, Commercial and Employee Benefit Needs
Unit 19: Collective Investment Schemes – Part 1 Private Arrangements
Unit 20: Collective Investment Schemes – Part 2 Public Offering Arrangements
Unit 21: Hong Kong Mandatory Retirement Schemes Trusts - MPF
Unit 22: Hong Kong Mandatory Retirement Schemes Trusts - ORSO

Who should attend

The course is primarily targeted to those who would like to pursue “Trust Training Certificate” in order to apply for the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association Certified Trust Practitioner™ designation.

It is also relevant to those who would like to gain a solid understanding of the course subject matter.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Carolyn BUTLER
Carolyn Butler is the Managing Director of International Fiduciaries Limited. She has 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry; the past 25 years of which have been in Asia. She has extensive expertise and knowledge of both private and corporate trusts, investment management and the retirement schemes industries and acts as an independent director for an MPF scheme. Carolyn is Chairman of the Education Sub-Committee of Hong Kong Trustees’ Association and a past Chairman of the HKTA. She is a fellow of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute. She has a Bachelor of Business degree, an MBA and a Masters of Business Law.


Date & Time
Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021 (6:00PM - 9:00PM)
Virtual Platform