Foreign Exchange

[Webinar] Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange


Currency is an essential asset not only for a country but also for the financial market. The countries, banks and corporations must manage the foreign exchange (“FX”) themselves and for clients everyday.

This course provides an overview of FX operation in the banking system, the FX products and strategies using in the industry, and the basic understanding of FX.


1. To understand foreign exchange and its operation in the industry
2. To understand different FX products in the market
3. Be able to trade with some basic FX strategies


1. What is FX
2. Market participants in FX
3. Introduction of different FX products
4. Basic trading strategies in FX market
5. Risks involved in FX

Who should attend

Those who want to understand the operation and market practices of FX in banking industry. The FX techniques introduced in this course are suitable for anyone who is interested in trading or starting a career (frontline, middle or back office) in the FX market.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Kingston TSANG
Mr Tsang is currently a multi-asset trader in a private wealth management firm. Before taking this position, he worked as a sales trader and advisor in different international private banks for over 8 years, focusing in both FX and precious metals. He also specialises in providing FX strategies and managing portfolios with different FX derivatives products. Mr Tsang is a Chartered Financial Analyst holder (CFA) and Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), graduated with a Master of Finance degree from the University of Hong Kong.


Date & Time
Monday, 8 Feb 2021 (6:30PM - 9:00PM)
Virtual Platform
Relevant Subject
Type 3 - Leveraged foreign exchange trading
Trad. Chi / Cantonese
SFC:2.50, PWMA:2.50