Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management - Part 1 (2020)

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This eCourse consists of two modules. Module 1 introduces and defines the concepts of private banking and wealth management. It identifies the general activities of private banking and wealth management businesses, the different types of business and their value proposition, and the various fee structures and revenue models. The module also outlines the evolved history and current trends in the industry.

Module 2 focuses on the different types of wealth management client as defined by the wealth “pyramid.” The spectrum of client styles and attitudes to private wealth management are reviewed in detail. The module also looks at the key types and characteristics of client personalities used in contemporary private wealth management.


On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:
- Distinguish private banking activities from wealth management activities
- Recognise how the private wealth management industry has evolved over the years
- Identify the different types of private client service propositions and the various sources of revenue for private wealth management firms
- Define the rationale for classifying and grouping wealth management clients
- Recognise the need to define and group clients with like characteristics, and understand the service offerings to each client group in the customer wealth “pyramid”
- Identify the spectrum of client styles and attitudes to private wealth management being a range from the most independent and self-directed person to the client needing a full private wealth management support service


Module 1: Business of Wealth Management
Topic 1: Private Banking & Wealth Management Overview
Topic 2: Industry Development
Topic 3: Private Client Service Propositions & Sources of Revenue

Module 2: Private Wealth Management - Clients
Topic 1: Client Segmentation
Topic 2: Client Types
Topic 3: Client Perspectives, Attitudes, & Orientation


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SFC:2.00, PWMA:2.00
All Member: HK$570
Staff of Corporate Member: HK$570
Non-Member: HK$840