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[Webinar]: Trust Training Certificate – Briefing Session



Are you prepared for a career progression?
Are you interested to know more about the trust industry or trust knowledge?
Are you interested to get into the private trust, unit trust/funds or pension scheme fields or be a Certified Trust Practitioner™?
The Hong Kong Trustees’ Association (HKTA) and Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (“HKSI Institute”) jointly offer a qualification programme “Trust Training Certificate” (“TTC”) for interested parties who wish to pursue a career in the broader trust industry and qualify as a Certified Trust Practitioner™.
If you have these questions in mind, this complimentary webinar can help you to find out the answers.


By the end of the briefing session, you will:
- Know the basics of the trust industry and understand the many types of trusts used in the financial services industry
- Obtain an understanding of the expertise required for a career in the trust industry
- Understand how the Trust Training Certificate is being recognised by the trust industry players and could help you to become a Certified Trust Practitioner
- Understand the syllabus, training programme structure and format, examination format, schedule and fees.


- Introduction to the trust industry and trust usage in financials services
- Types of trusts in HK and qualifications required to get into the field
- Trust Training Certificate
1. Syllabus
2. Training programme
3. Examination
4. Schedule and Fees

Who should attend

Anyone who is interested to know about the trust industry and the qualification programme to be a Certified Trust Practitioner™

Speaker/Course Instructor

Carolyn BUTLER
Carolyn is the Chairman of the Education Sub-Committee of Hong Kong Trustees’ Association. She has 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry; the past 20 years of which have been in Asia. She has extensive expertise and knowledge of both private and corporate trusts investment management, and the retirement schemes industries and acts as an independent director for an MPF scheme. Carolyn is a past Chairman of the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association and Chairman is of the Education sub committee. She is a fellow of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute. She has a Bachelor of Business degree an MBA and a Masters of Business Law.


Date & Time
Friday, 9 Oct 2020 (1:00PM - 2:00PM)
Virtual Platform