Risk Management Series

From the Server Room to the Boardroom – Are You Properly Managing Your Company’s Cyber Risks?

New Seminar


A study by Microsoft revealed that the potential economic loss to Asian corporations caused by cybersecurity incidents could hit a staggering US$1.745 trillion. “Cyber” is no longer just an IT issue; it is a significant business risk which Board of Directors and senior executives need to take an active role to manage.


The participants will gain a real-world understanding of the growing challenges with cyber, risk management, and compliance. They will leave with a holistic roadmap of steps, policies, and procedures which may help reduce the risk and exposure to their organisations.


‧ Cyberattack - It will never happen to me
‧ Due diligence - mergers, acquisitions, existing and future partners
‧ How global data privacy laws are driving business change
‧ The role of senior execs in a cyber event
‧ What should I do when I am back to the office?

Who should attend

Board members, senior executives compliance managers, Manager-in-Charge over IT function. Licensed holders or participants who are interested to learn more about managing cyber risks would also benefit from this seminar.

Speaker/Course Instructor

Steve WEST
Steve has over 25 years experience running large business and IT operations, supporting Boards and C-suite members on cybersecurity for business asset, due diligence and risk analysis of company investment or takeover, regulatory compliance, operational and risk management frameworks, director risk and liability, data privacy compliance (GDPR), transformation programs risk analysis and dark web investigations.

Previously Steve held senior executive positions in Hewlett Packard and IBM with responsibilities including 25% of the UK and Ireland's cheque processing, operations management of data centers, directing global cybersecurity teams, running an 800 strong application support and development division for core banking applications, and leading substantial, complex transition and transformation programs and their associated global teams.
Shane READ
Shane has over 20 years of experience as an in-house cyber leader. Having spent most of his career within the Australian government, he has worked and lead several high profile teams helping protect Australia and its national interests. The past 12 years he has had held key cyber management roles from Information Technology Security Advisor (ITSA) within government to his current global Chief Information Security Officer(CISO) for Noble Group.

Shane’s specialities include threat intelligence and access control through to cyber operations and implementation of risk-managed frameworks. From operations management, developing security programs to executive and board-level reporting, he is well respected as security leader who has a can-do attitude and an extreme passion for his industry.

Shane’s approach to information security has morphed over his career, originating from a heavy focus on compliance to now adopting a risk-based assessment approach to ensure that the correct solutions are built to address real-world threats.

Shane holds a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism from Macquarie University in Australia.


Date & Time
Thursday, 5 Dec 2019 (12:20PM - 1:20PM)
HKSI Institute Training Centre
New, Seminar
SFC:1.00, PWMA:1.00