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Remedial: Trust Training Certificate (TTC) - Unit 10: Testamentary Issues & Avoiding Testamentary Disputes (Evening Session)



This is Unit 10 of the training programme in pursuing the “Trust Training Certificate”.

It consists of two modules:
Module 15: Testamentary Issues - Wills
Module 16: Other Testamentary Issues

For the topics to cover, please refer to the content section below.


Testamentary Issues - Wills

- The reasons and need for making wills
- Can a trust be used instead of a will to avoid probate?
- The nature and use of limited wills
- The usual content of wills
- Information to be kept with wills
- Multiple jurisdiction wills and probating
- Testamentary trusts versus inter vivos trusts
- Standby trusts

Other Testamentary Issues

- Marriage & common law spouses / partnership relationships
- Community of property and financial resource property
- Nuptial agreements and their implications
- Matrimonial property and resulting, constructive and family trust issues

The above issues are set in the context of relevant HK law and relevant legal cases

Who should attend

The course is primarily targeted to those who would like to pursue “Trust Training Certificate” in order to apply for the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association Certified Trust Practitioner? designation.

It is also relevant to those who would like to gain a solid understanding of the course subject matter.


Date & Time
Thursday, 4 Jul 2019 (6:30PM - 9:30PM)
HKSI Institute Training Centre
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